Life Update #9

Since 6birds’ was on a draft posting spree, I didn’t actually sign onto this blog all that much throughout October. Oops. So this is how I’ve been:

  1. After viewing recently attempted and failed logins, I’ve taken some more precautions. I read over at another blog[1. I think it was Adrienne’s, but I’m not quite sure] that setting up an account specifically for administrating and another for who you post your things under helps deter hackers, so I did. I told myself I wouldn’t do it until someone tried to login using my username and, since the time came, I’ve went ahead and made the switch. It seems like it would get boring, though: hacking people. Innocent people get hacked, but why? Like, where is the fun in hacking a broke twenty-two year old whose life already sucks? What sadistic people, am I right. Anyways, I’d rather be paranoid and take extraordinary measures and not get hacked than just be paranoid and not do anything and get hacked as a result. 11 pages of posts is not an easy thing, however.
  2. Over the last two weeks or so, my hair was super oily. Whether it was because I hadn’t done laundry in that same amount of time or because I was drying and straightening my hair before bed I’m not sure of, but I know that one of those two things stopped it. My hair doesn’t feel oily when I wake up anymore, and that’s better for my face as well because it’s not touching all over my face. I think it was the latter reason, because in the past, drying it before bed and sometimes straightening it made it oily. It’s naturally curly and dry, so I guess it has a chance of losing moisture whilst I’m sleeping, too. I’m not really into all that health and beauty stuff, so it’s really just a guessing game.
  3. As if I wasn’t an adequate hoarder already, I adopted Secrets from Christina and have started working on it on my own territory. Over the summer I got into Pretty Little Liars again, and not having a TCG fandom for it was kind of killing my mood, so I was bold and asked to adopt it! 🙂 The template’s challenging, but it’s not too much to make me not want to do it, so I’m going to at least try. The most challenging part is editing the screencaps and making them work. Screencaps are nothing like food pictures, which very well may be referred to as food porn. They’ll probably never match the original cards’ images, but I won’t stop until they look close. It’ll most likely open on the night of the fifth season premiere in June of next year.
  4. It’s November! As depressing as it is to say it’s November 2013, it’s really nice knowing 6birds’ remodel conclusion will be happening at sometime this month. What the concluding thing will be no one knows[2. Except maybe a few people… #lizasbadatsecrets], but I’m super excited.
  5. I now use to run my free hosting circus thing. It’s much easier now since last time I was relying on myself to remember to check Survey Monkey for new sign ups and now new apps are emailed to me. It also lists them out automatically. Basically I just tweaked MyTCG like I wanted to three years ago and made it work for a free hosting website. :3 It’s so much easier now! I named it “” because it basically translates to lazy host, and that’s what I am!
  6. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I started a project. It most likely won’t appeal to the majority of the bloggers I connect with, but I think many could still use it anyways. It could be fun. It’s using an alias at the moment. 😉
  7. I had 19 fun-sized M&M’s leftover at Halloween and I used the majority to make chewy cookies. I used about 1/4 to 1/3 cups of M&Ms, though, because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. The recipe actually makes chewy cookies. It’s not a lie like SOME chewy cookie recipes are… -.-

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You the one making iScriddle? That’s why this random blog service (?) added me on Twitter. I’m glad that I put myself on the newsletter, then! Can’t wait to see it!


That recipe for M&M cookies looks amazing, I’m going to have to try it out sometime. I love the chewy and soft cookies, myself, as well – they’re so much more enjoyable when you can actually chew them rather than chipping your teeth on them (okay, so maybe that’s a little extreme, but I think you understand where I’m coming from, lol)

I’m seriously not ready for November, even though it’s already here, *big, fat sigh*. I don’t want it to be December straight afterwards because I’m clearly not ready for Christmas and all that jazz.

Thanks for sharing the recipe! Will definitely try it.
Btw, new reader here. I hope you could check out my blog as well. And maybe, leave a comment on my latest post? Hope to hear more from you. Also, you might want to have link exchnages. If that is so, just let me know.

I’m much less likely to check out another person’s blog if they ask me to, or even bring it up. I also don’t do link exchanges, something that really should have instead made it to the contact form considering it lacks anything to do with this entry. Since you’re new, I’ll assume you either only read Dez’s comment or that you genuinely had only that to say. Nancy’s articles about commenting are well written and quite informing: Commenting On Blogs & Improving Your Comment On Blogs. Good luck! 🙂

Lately it seems like WordPress has been especially prone to being attacked with hacking attempts. I’ve made several adjustments in my backend as well – different login username, CAPTCHA on the login form to hinder bots, I change passwords weekly, I have a plugin that bans IPs after X amount of failed attempts, and I use .htaccess to change the login URL. And, in case all of that fails, I do weekly file backups and daily database backups.

And yay for impromptu cookie recipes! I often throw together cookies and brownie-like bars with leftover remnants of candy. Snicker brownies, anyone?

Better WP Security may help you a bit. I’ve used it for a year; it’s really great. :p

Isn’t it great that wordpress has schedule post? I try to schedule non time specific post through the month to keep the blog active when I’m not around to blog but thinking of blog post is still the hard part.

Hackers are probably young kids that think they are really cool if they can hack some wordpress site.

Can’t wait to see your to see what your project is all about. Good luck with it

I used to straighten my hair before bed and it did the same thing, especially since I would use products to protect my hair. So, it got a bit greasy. I used to just wrap it in a head scarf and that helped the problem. 🙂

And yay for chewy cookies. I love using leftover ingredients and upcycling them!

And thanks to you I now have the perfect recipe to use up my fun-size packets! Who doesn’t love a good cookie?

😉 I think I used about five of the packets. The recipe makes a little over two dozen. I kind of really want to make it again. xD