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Since I moved here I haven’t been up to too much. If I was still on the farm I’d be snapping and capturing pictures on my raspberry baby (my Kodak point and shoot). I love photography and art and mixing it with nature and animals more than I love math – I just don’t know how to put that into a career. I miss being able to walk around take pictures of the trees. …Don’t be surprised if I one day am blogging about how I’m living on a farm again (…hopefully I’m married by then).

Every few days I play games (Phase 10Parcheesi and sometimes even Rack-O) with Grandmama and Papa. You know, it isn’t that here I have more social opportunities/am able to be around “more” people – because I’m around the same amount as I was there – it’s that I’m around people who actually want to be around me and listen to me and help me and spend time with me. Here, they don’t drill me until my eyes bleed with salty tears about getting a job because I feel like I have to fake happiness. Here, they’re not telling me I’m crazy and/or abnormal and need to get on some sort of “normal pill” or whatever so I can “go back to being [myself]”.

Actually, this is the first time they’ve ever really been able to actually get to know me because they’re seeing me at my highest level of vulnerability, and they’re not telling me I need to be “normal”.

Friday I went to Yogurtland with my aunt Charan. The picture isn’t all that great because I was trying to take a quick shot of it so I could eat it. 😀 We shared a thing of fries from In-N-Out Burger first.


They had Sanrio cups. On the opposite side of the one I showed was Hello Kitty with a “Miami” thought bubble.


I also haven’t shared the pictures from Ruby’s third birthday party yet, so…

At Forney Gentle Zoo At Forney Gentle Zoo

At Forney Gentle Zoo At Forney Gentle Zoo

We actually went in with the turtles, geese/ducks and bunnies. …One turtle was fast and followed us, and my camera died so I didn’t get to take a picture of her sitting on the small picnic kiddy table that was inside the pen (because she was all, “No, he’s trying to get us, Sissy!”, and SO serious about it, too!). No, we didn’t go in with the other animals… Just looks like it. 😉

At Forney Gentle Zoo At Forney Gentle Zoo At Forney Gentle Zoo

All of the animals were either rescued, taken in (from people who didn’t want them, etc.) and/or beaten. They are all in different states of rehabilitation…

At Forney Gentle Zoo At Forney Gentle Zoo At Forney Gentle Zoo

The rooster. Poor little guy. He was so skittish; I really hurt for him. You can view the entire set here.

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[…] my aunt’s vehicle on the passenger side. I read it when we pulled into the parking space for Yogurtland and, well, was really upset right away. See, the church I attended in Wills Point may have had some […]

That is one tasty-looking cup of frozen yogurt! It’s got so many toppings it doesn’t look like frozen yogurt at all anymore 🙂

I wish I lived on a farm. Everything seems so tranquil and relaxed in the company of animals and nature. Of course I’d have to keep going to the city though, since all the good careers are here. I like that I was raised a city girl but it gets really tiring after some time.

The peacock looks quite beautiful, even though he is in rehab right now. And the turtles are so cute! I love turtles! Except that turtles never seem to actually be ever be happy for some reason or another.

I know that this remark is missing the point of your post a bit, but part of your career after you finish your conquering should be to dispel all the myths about mental illnesses and their medications. It seems that people think that medications are a cure, when they were never meant to be that way.