Links à la Carte Vol. 1

I’m exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

I’m also rebuilding Zest, because it was hacked. MyTCG got hacked. It was a SQL injection into the “members” table somehow. The worst part is that I had a search referral to 6birds regarding “how to hack mytcg”. About three weeks later, Zest was attacked and containing a malware warning. What’s more fun than starting with a fresh database and manually adding each deck from the old location’s database to the new location’s database? The fact that we have over 200 decks.

I’m also going to start offering hosting again publicly. It says invite-only, but if you just ask, I’ll most likely accept you. I do a yearly cleanup: If your site looks the same as it did when I looked at it a year ago without warning, then you’re gone. Of course, I’ll send an email first, but if that comes back as incorrect, then I’ve no way to contact you and therefore have no reason to keep your account. I’m going to actually enforce the rules this time. I also allow Cutenews… It’s not any more insecure than FanUpdate or Fl!ight or WordPress is, and it was recently updated with a ton of new features.

If you’re interested in bigger hosting, you can use 6birds at HostClearly for $6 off[1. One time only; excludes monthly packages.]. You can use switch2hc for 25% off.

  • Manda’s guest post on blogging anonymously makes me feel a bit less self-centered knowing I’m not the only one who enjoys plastering their real name to their blog like it’s something to be proud of.
  • Speaking of Manda, she wants guest travel posts and bloggers to interview.
  • Sabrina reviewed a Conscious Box and had a coupon to pair with it. The coupon only requires you to pay shipping for your first box. I’m allergic to too many things to take advantage of that.
  • Mayi’s celebrating her blog’s anniversary and has started a new project that is free to the public. I’m a fan of unique newsletters, so I signed up to give it a try!
  • Moo’s having a 30% off sale that ends July 13th a minute before midnight. Their MiniCards are MiniFun and MiniAdorable. If you order after that, you can still get 15% off.
  • 12 Things You Should Never Apologize For made me realize I need to work on the majority of the things from it because Ashley’s right: I don’t need to apologize for saying no, wanting to be alone, putting myself first…

I changed the “recent reads” thing that pleased my ears more. I have a blogs edition and a links edition. The blogs edition may just be monthly, though. :p

finally made an instagram, too! @ijanelively is my username.

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I am sorry you haven’t been sleeping well, I hope that changes!

Gah, that really sucks that it was hacked. I am glad that you are building it again, and I am really glad that you got the domains slothly and royally. 😀

Thanks for linking to me as well as my guest post! 😀

Sucks that you were hacked 🙁 You posting about your TCG though brings back memories of the day I used to play them! I didn’t play for very long, but there was a really awesome Disney one I loved. I wonder if it’s still around?