Links à la Carte Vol. 3

I’ve been quiet on social media, watching shows and movies on Netflix and trying to make the best of the time I have left with it since I fell asleep when I intended to cancel it, waking up sometime around 1am the day after the deadline to cancel the subscription. So I still have it.

I’ve been reminded of why I hate hosting people. Some are better than others, already knowing how to do everything. Those are the ones I host. Others act like they know all going in, and then they end up not knowing almost everything there is. I need to stick to the rules I made and really keep them followed.

I don’t really feel anything. I offended you? I hurt your feelings? I’m probably supposed to feel sorry and be sorry, but I’m just altogether numb. And annoyed.

  • If I was planning a wedding, the invitations I’d want to use are these, these or these, but the ones I’d definitely use would be the whimsical ones, the waves ones or the nautical ones. (But the eclectic ones are my absolute favorites because they look like some old-fashioned flyer with a twist.)
  • Beware what you like on Facebook! You could be sharing naughty things to your grandparents, with your boss, etc.
  • Join me on Babydow so we can raise virtual babies together! xD “Money” is beads, and it’s free to play. :3
  • You can also join me on Howrse and raise virtual horses.
  • I recently got into Orange Is the New Black. It started with me just watching an episode of it to see what it was about because so many people were quoting it and talking about it. So, I watched it. And it’s hilarious.

I decided I didn’t like not blogging for three days. It just feels so weird. But I lacked the energy to find more posts due to reasons. I’m sorry, but I also don’t feel anything, thus I don’t actually feel sorry.

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Hey Liz,

I think we all have our moments of quietness. Okay, for me I had some very sad times lately but am getting back into the swing of life now. It’s hard but it has to happen right.

Hey, thanks for sharing my post about Facebook and how they’re misrepresenting our likes. Shame on them, they should know better but obviously they just don’t care.

Hope your month is turning out to be a good one. Hang in there girl.


Oh man, I watched like 6 episodes of Orange is the New Black in like a day. It’s horribly addictive. And I’m no longer crashing on a couch that has access to Netflix, so I am so lost without seeing the last half of the season! (Just kidding, I’m going to be watching it online ASAP, haha.)

I want to write ‘OMG OMG OMG Orange is the New Black’ but I feel like that amount of fangirling is inappropriate to start a comment with. But wow. I’m re-watching the series even though I only finished it 3 days ago. I love every bit. I spent half of the time laughing and half crying. It’s just so amazing, I cannot wait till season 2 – that ending! Also, Google Chrome just tried to correct the word ‘fangirling’ as ‘cliffhanging’ which makes so much sense…

I don’t host anyone. I used to on my previous website – like 5 years ago – but I usually ended up with people who expected me to code for them, which was a bit rubbish. Or people who just left the subdomain blank permanently. Why get hosting if you don’t want a website??

Those wedding invites are cute!

Hope you feel better soon. If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here.

I loveee Minted. I get their “sample packs” sometimes, and I love them, too, because they are so pretty and nice and typography lover’s dreams come true… Ahhh…!!!