Links à la Carte Vol. 5

I’m currently away. :3 I have the WordPress app for Android, however, so I’ll still watch comments ever so often. But yeah. I’m in the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it country area right now. Happy Thanksgiving! I won’t be a cliché and list all that I’m thankful for ’cause that’s cheesy.


A bunny’s missing. Ruby’s mom is looking for him.
A sweet story about a man’s dog being found after a tornado. :* →


These peppermints would make über fun Christmas decorations.
Make some fall envelopes! Maybe I can make some for my own personal stationary. c:
Kawaii coffee mug DIY →
Take your own headshots/selfies/whatever you choose to call them. →


I’d rather ditch the smoothie and just pretty popsicles that look like they’ve got glitter instead. xD
Homemade donuts & homemade pretzels 🙂


Holiday photobooth prop printables
My True Story interview over at Yes and Yes I did a few months ago was published. →
Knowing these photos are drawings makes me feel weird. →
A guy spent 8760 hours doing WHAT to a tree trunk?! #awesomethingsareawesome →


Caterpillars kiss, too.

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Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for sharing the links 😀

Those caterpillars are so adorable, I love cute overload! :*

Thanks for sharing my post!

Thank you for the wonderful links! I love the photobooth idea~

I hope you have a wonderful time. Happy Thanksgiving~!! :} :} :}