Lip Service

BEDA starts tomorrow, and I am going to work really hard to complete it on 6birds. To be honest, I’m already having doubts about whether I’ll actually be able to complete the challenge – but only because of the network tower in my ZIP code (thanks, Virgin Mobile USA). It just proves that you really do get what you pay for, but having on-the-go Internet access for $50/mo. with unlimited data…

Last night I lost my voice (during work, by the way), and it has been with me off and on today. Not really being able to talk makes the day go by a lot longer – it really drags when you lack an audible voice – especially one that doesn’t sound like something is wrong with you. I’ve realized that customers are even worse when you can’t talk. When I tried to talk with the little voice I had (or even when it got to be okay), it just made all the congestion so much worse (and I’m literally suffering whilst trying my hardest to hold it all in because I fear disgusting someone else and/or others hearing all the disgusting junk being coughed up and sorted out). Therefore all I did was move my lips. However, whenever the stupid card reader machine decided not to work, they would get mad at me, and then even more frustrated at me because they do that horrible customer “huh?” It’s just so ridiculous, and they don’t even look at me when I’m trying to freaking help them out. It’s not my fault it isn’t working, so quit acting like it is, ya know? I don’t enjoy it or anything. And you shouldn’t put your card up until you’re one hundred percent certain that the card actually went through. If you don’t wanna deal with it, then you should just stick to CASH. It’s honestly one of the easiest things for the both of us – unless, of course, I lack the proper change in my drawer (then we have a problem).

Tomorrow I’m meeting my dad, step mom and Ruby at said place in said city for a [belated] birthday dinner. Tuesday morning (NTS: GET FUSE FIXED[1. I really miss my radio working. :L]) I’m meeting Bebe (my aunt) somewhere, and then I will be blogging in a different ZIP code! 😛

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