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#blogtember topic: A “life lately” post. What you’re up to, how you’re feeling, how you’re doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!

Last week I tried allergy drops that go under my tongue. They didn’t work. My tongue felt like I’d burnt it, and my throat hurt. I also got congested more. It sucks, because they could have helped me out a bit more. I’m so over allergies and allergy shots this year. My allergist’s great, but getting shots in your arm multiple times a week every week for a year really starts to take a toll on your body, because the needles bruise. It also starts to feel mundane and, overall, a hassle.

Saturday I picked up my room the rest of the way that it needed, vacuumed and did some laundry. I still have the towels to do, but I’ll get to those later this week, like on Wednesday.

Sunday I awoke to find my back hurting much more than it had been for the past two weeks, and I’d been expected in ask form to attend church. Straightening my hair was a huge drag, as each move through my arm was a muscle I didn’t want to move, because they kept locking up on each other. This is Tourette’s tics effect in its natural habitat. I suppose that I’ve been so stressed lately that I’ve not realized the side effect until it got so bad and nipped me in the bud. Sleep helps with my tics, but blah. Perhaps when therapy gets to a point where it’s seen that I need medicine to help I can be put on something for my tics. Common medications for Tourette’s seem to be muscle relaxers with something to also help the anxiety. I just know that it’s so exhausting to work out my muscles all day.

We also had a family get together lunch thing with the family. Two of Bri’s friends came. From the way she was talking about one of them (the older brother), I think I may have met a future cousin-in-law? I mean, if that’s even a thing. I don’t know. o.- I don’t really understand her love life. My love life has never been as busy and complicated as hers has, so when I get an invite in the mail, then I’ll take it seriously.

Today I don’t have any appointments… I’ve went somewhere every week this year thus far, and I quite dislike it. It’s really not my thing at all, but I don’t really have much of a choice. The therapy appointment is just once a week, though. Thank God.

I’m slowly trying to get to a point where not many people depend on me for something. TCGs start to take a toll on me; running a TCG is more like running a support forum whose server continuously goes down. I’m expected to post weekly on a specific day with new card decks and game updates. There are ways to make this smoother (i.e. automatic game updates), however it’s still a lot of work to do. I made a cute card template for a sweets food TCG, but I think I’ll just post it and require credit and permission from whomever wishes to use it. Because it’s slowly becoming not so fun anymore. I’m not really even playing TCGs all that much anymore; it’s so not like running 6birds.

I’ve found myself lusting for the ability to do DIY projects well because of the cuteness that exists within them. There’s also that warm, cozy feeling of something handmade that I have a craving for. They’re just much more special to me than things that were bought at a store, and I wish I was skilled enough to make them, too. DIYs that I make end up looking like I poured glue onto construction paper and made a collage with all of the supplies. Literally. In 2014, I’m gonna try to attempt some DIY projects. And blog about them. Because I want in on that cute stuff. :p

(Maybe once I’m good enough, I can make these owl ornaments.)

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I really hope your family will understand about the medicine soon. 🙁

Those owl ornaments are to die for. I am obsessed with owls too! There are so many DIY projects I see on blogs and Pinterest. Not only do I not have the skills to make them, but most of the time I get half way through it and then get bored and quit. I’m lame like that haha