Liz Lately #24

I rearranged my room and, more recently, traded desks with Grandmama. With this, I decided to put my laptop and its accessories into its bag. I’m hoping storing it like this will reduce the dust it collects. So far, it’s also prevented me from thinking I can just go and open it up. I think having it out for me to see all the time made me forget it’s broken.

Other things I’ve been up to lately:

I wiped out most of my drafts

I kept some old ones for whatever reason, but the lot has been moved to Google Drive for safe reading later, in the event that I want to. Having over 300 drafts in my “Drafts” section was overwhelming and made me feel like it was an overflowing water fountain: forever going, with too much water being pumped into it. ?

I’ve also changed so much over the years, as well as since last year. 2015 me is not 2016 me. 2015 me sugarcoated stuff and wrote with angst, and…ugh, I just kept cringing at it all. What I didn’t move or keep, I deleted.

Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to some old parts of ourselves to make room for the new.

I am writing again

It’s stressful on my hand and wrist to write a lot with a pen, but I’ve been reading so much lately that I just keep wanting to write. I’ve mapped out much of Madeline’s story, which was one of my struggles before, and feel confident her story might make a better first novel, because I’m still struggling with my hardcore, autistics-as-protagonists (e.g. Ashton) series (“And the Youth” is the working title). Like, I might actually have to find some kind of a consultant on it, and I lack that kind of money (and have too much desire to write “Maddie Grace”) right now to go that route. ??

But it’s kind of helpful that I have all this inspiration and will to write Madeline right now. I’ve always envisioned a novel with her story having a recipe for each new chapter, because she’s an aspiring chef and I feel like some of them could add a little humor to some of the events in her series of unfortunate events. ? If I finish writing it, I’ll have an idea of which recipes are needed.

I’m going to try to share snippets here and there, and I welcome feedback. Maybe it’ll help me with the scene I am struggling to write. (Why is there always at least one “scene” I struggle with? ?)

I’m taking over the ‘Day in the Life’ linkup

A good thing about having cleaned out my drafts is that I now have an organized space on my blog that isn’t cluttered with useless shit I’m probably never going to publish—which means my “blog mind”, for lack of better phrasing, is adequately clear for a regular linkup. ?

(I mean, I offered/agreed to take over said linkup beforehand, but nevertheless…)

What have you been up to lately?

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