Liz Lately #26

Blog maintenance

  • I updated my blog to WordPress 4.7. The front-end displayed a memory error, which was fixed and replaced  by a 500 error. I found it was plugin-related; User Access Manager, pending an update for a “hot fix for WordPress 4.7”, was the culprit. Since I intended to delete it, anyway, I amended old entries and removed a few. Then, UAM was bye-bye gone.
  • I deleted a few other plugins, like External Links and Custom Smilies. Since emojis are available in WordPress now, custom emoticons feel redundant and space-consuming.
  • I updated my about page to something I’m a bit happier with.
  • Changes are coming in 2017. ?
  • I prepared for and typed up some posts I’m excited about. ?

Cold front

Geez. One day, it was in the 50s. The next? Let’s just say it’s 36ºF as I type this—three degrees colder than it was earlier today and last night. We better get snow out of this. ?❄️

Other stuff

  • I’ve been marathoning movies and writing. It’s a pleasant combination. Also music and writing, but whatevs; that’s not as exciting.
  • I keep failing at using the oven by forgetting to turn it on. I think the cold weather is getting to me. And allergies. Definitely those.

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Comments on this post

Changes are coming in 2017. ?


I’m excited yo.

I love your about page. I love reading about pages. But it’s great that you updated it to something you feel is better than it was before. I am always looking at mine and tweaking it every now and then. ?

I like emoji, but I don’t really like how WordPress adds JavaScript and styles to replace them with images. Then again, I am a performance nut, so I’m all about removing the extra WordPress stuff. If that happens, though, the emoji just comes up in black and white on Windows. I’m a bit torn between what I really want (also, the emoji looks different if you don’t use WordPress’ default).

Glad you sorted out that error with your blog! ?

Ha, I have let you know some of the things. ? I also forgot to mention I made “janepedia” in the header lowercase, but meh. No big. ?

Thank you! ? I definitely feel it’s better than before; I like it more than all my others. I wanted something that was more me, and revealing of myself and my personality.

I didn’t know that about the emojis, but ah. That’s a pain. Not all devices have the same emoji, either, or just display blank spaces or squares. This lappy displays emojis, though, which is cool.

Thanks. ?

Hahah. I thought I saw something different when I saw “janepedia” in the header. (Not in the title bar though?)

I wish emoji were more universal, I really like the Apple ones. Maybe I’m just used to them. But there was an article about the potential for miscommunication with emoji because the grinning one used to look angry on Apple products.

Ah, I haven’t changed it yet. I don’t know if I want to. I don’t know. ?

Yeah, I think all the different versions of emoji mess things up, because they vary too much across companies/brands/creators/whatever. The blush emoji looks especially odd in some versions. ?

Liz, there’s a simple alternative to UAM! I had to delete that plugin and I relied heavily on it, but turns out that we don’t need this plugin anymore. I’m going to blog about it soon and I hope it works for you.

P.S. I’m in East Texas at the moment and headed to Houston tomorrow, however, apparently Houston is under a freeze warning as well! WAHHHHH