Liz Lately #29

Allergies are literally the worst.

I did one of these two posts ago, but all I’ve accomplished lately is eating, binging Netflix like crazy, and complete two loads of laundry. I’m trying to stay hydrated, but it seems with every ounce of water I drink, my nose manages to fuel more snot together for me to blow into Kleenex.

(I’m aware that’s gross. Hi, I’m Liz. ?)

I have been binging on television. ?

I finally fell into Jane the Virgin and Versailles. Who knows what’ll happen next. I watched the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy, but feel too far ahead in their lives to rewatch their past; it feels so weird because they were babies then—interns, if you want to get accurate.

Style posts are coming!

I have been wanting to do style posts for a while. They’ll go up on Saturdays, though the frequency is undetermined, and range from my wardrobe to my tastes in interior and exterior design, as appropriate. I need to learn to write about style better, so this will be great practice—my blog is my sandbox for my writing ventures.

I also believe learning how and why someone dresses a particular way helps see into their soul more; ones style regards much of their being. Perhaps writing about my own on my blog will help me gain confidence to be who I am offline, despite criticism and unsolicited tips on how I could be “better”. The only mold I am interested in fitting into is my own. ?

I want to be healthier.

I had an epiphany the other day. I’d eaten a whole box of allergy-friendly snickerdoodle cookies. I felt shame only because I knew my mom and her husband would tell me how fat I was for doing so, but…then I was proud of myself because I’d eaten twelve cookies. They were delicious. I didn’t starve myself thereafter. Much of my family is dieting and obsessing over “unclean foods”, so their conversations and words often weave themselves into my head and hang on for the long haul ahead. But this time—for the first time ever—I didn’t care. Because me eating the whole box is progress. And, if you want to get technical, Enjoy Life Foods’ products are basically organic. The cookies have less sugar than a soda and nothing artificial.

I deserve to be proud of myself. I almost cried. ?

But it was then that I realised my problem with food grew worse when I was diagnosed with so many allergies. Everyone started telling me what foods were bad for me, but that I should consume even some of the severe ones on small doses—a method which only made me sicker and feel crappier. I realised my bigger problem with food is that I succumb and eat what I know will make me feel shitty because I feel like I deserve it.

So I am going to make sacrifices, like letting beloved domains go instead of renewing them and holding off on subscription boxes for now until I have found a pleasant routine with which I am content, so I can make room in my life for foods that make me feel at least OK and not guilty or bad or gross.

Because I deserve it.

I’ll share more on this later, but…yeah. This is my declaration. Here’s to feeling better!

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I have to admit, I’ve fallen into a Netflix binge mode too. I got through an entire three seasons of a show in two days. (I was working for some of this time, with Netflix on in the background. That makes it okay, right?)

Healthy eating is not always easy, and it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while. You’re right – you deserve to be proud of yourself. Never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

Hi Liz. I actually was just browsing through links and came across your blog. I’m extremely glad I did as it’s nice to find someone I have things in common with. I am actually from the DFW area(went to high school in both duncanville and desoto)

I am also very much attempting to get healthy as well! It’s hard given how easy it is to come across junk food, and since I have issues with my back, working out can be tricky. A friend of mine suggested PiYo? I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to as soon as I have a bit of extra cash for a yoga mat and whatnot.

And don’t ever let anyone make you feel any less than spectacular!

Gah. I hope you are feeling better soon. It would be really awful. Thankfully there is Netflix! 😀

Have fun watching and bingeing shows! Sometimes I stumble upon one I didn’t think I would like and get partially obsessed. (I got hooked on Stranger Things and The OA.)

It will be interesting to read the style posts. 😀 I look forward to them.

Yes, you should be proud. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I am so glad you got it. 🙂


You are awesome, Liz, and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. You know I’d encourage you to eat in moderation but the fact that you found cookies that don’t make you sick is amazing. Go ahead and eat twelve of them, seriously!

I have found healthy foods that I enjoy, and not all healthy foods are great-tasting, so I eat what I do love. For example, I am not a big fan of a lot of fruit and prefer to eat a pile of green vegetables. Woot.

I am excited for the style posts. I write about why I wear certain clothes and not just show them off, because I like people to know that I think about my outfits. I am a creative person and I think that shows in my outfits, not to mention I like to look good. I don’t just want to share things without much thought. I want people to know my feelings. Same goes for food reviews and other product reviews. I’m not just going to be like “hey check this out cos it’s cool”.