Love With Food: August 2015

Love With Food: "Road Trip" Wanderer Tasting Box via @adashofjane
I opted to do a little research and look into how other bloggers formatted their subscription box reviews, and the thing I saw on a few I liked most was the inclusion of the price of the item, which can help determine the monetary value of the box. I never thought of doing that for some reason. >.<

This month, I received the Love With Food “Road Trip” Wanderer Tasting Box.

Love With Food Contents

  • “Asiago, Parmesan + Cheddar” Popcorn by 479º — This popcorn tasted funky, and the smell was rather atrocious. I emailed the company and stated in my Love With Food review of the food their grammar problem with the ingredients, which lead to me unintentionally consuming blue cheese—something I have sworn off because I can’t have penicillin or penicillium mold at all. When list items contain commas and you’re not using bullets, use semicolons as a separator—not more commas. This is non-GMO and gluten-free, but I don’t recommend it.
    Estimated value: $0.60/.5oz bag
  • Apple Hard Candy by GoOrganic — Yes—just yes. You know the artificially-flavored apple candies? This doesn’t taste like that. These candies actually taste like apple. The more organic candies I try and consume, the more I like organic candies; not only do they taste better, but they also don’t present that annoying weighed-down feeling. Four of these also make one serving, which is only 10g—enough to give me a sugar boost when and where I need one. These are gluten-free, non-GMO and organic.
    Estimated value: $2.21/3.5oz bag
  • “Garlic & Onion” Roasted Broad Beans by Enlightened — I’m not usually in favor of crunchier things, but these weren’t too crunchy; the flavor wasn’t overpowering, either. I’d love to try their Mesquite BBQ next! These are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and soy-free.
    Estimated value: $1.25/1.1oz bag
  • Popped Salted Caramel Kind Healthy Grains® Bar — I’m pretty sure this is heaven in my mouth. The flavors blended together so, so well, and it wasn’t the size of the typical healthy granola bars at the store that, whilst not priced so cheaply, just feel cheap themselves by their size alone. This tasted like real food, and best of all?! It’s NUT-FREE[1. It’s worth noting they’re made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds.] They’re also gluten-free and non-GMO. P.S. They smell amazing.
    Estimated value: $0.69/1.2oz granola bar
  • Original Naan Crisps by Stonefire — These taste like slightly seasoned crackers. I wouldn’t mind eating them with SunButter! They’re on the crunchy side, though, so I wouldn’t eat them often.
    Estimated value: $0.20/.5oz bag


I’m giving the Lemon Rooibos Iced Herbal Tea by Stash ($0.35), Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter by Wild Friends ($1.30) and “Fig and Walnut” Fruity Pie by I Love Snacking ($0.98) to my cousin Charlise to review for me. I also received a $1 coupon from Enlightened for a dollar off a box of their ice cream and a $40 HelloFresh voucher, though the latter is sent out by basically everyone and comes with many catches (at least in my experience).

Total box value

Excluding the HelloFresh voucher, this box totals at $8.58. I paid $9.99 for it. I suppose, had I been subscribed on the yearly plan, it would have exceeded the price of the box. However, had this been my first impression, I’d have been slightly sketchy about continuing my subscription.


The overall value of my Love With Food boxes are usually superb: I subscribe to discover food products I can consume without causing too much harm/damage to my body and health. This month, I was given the chance to finally try Kind Snacks, and it was amazing; additionally, I was introduced to a new-to-me candy line I officially admire and wouldn’t feel shitty about having in stock/on hand in my candy jar (which needs restocking; how convenient).

Each box of Love With Food also donates a meal to a food bank in the ‘States, so A+.

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[…] P.S. If you want yummy candy, Hillside Candy’s GoOrganic Hard Candy is really good. Er, I’ve just had the apple flavor. This isn’t an ad. I’d Insta a picture of my nearly-empty candy jar with three of the aforementioned babes left, but I’m tired and that requires better lighting, so… (Next, I wanna try the honey. Or the pomegranate… what does that even taste like, though? OH. AND THE MANGO MINT.) I got them in my Love With Food box. […]