May 2011 Goals

I decided to make a list of goals for May. I’d like to accomplish these, but if I don’t I won’t be entirely disappointed. ^^

  1. Read one book. (0/1)
  2. Survive the last bit of spring term.
  3. Apply for at least ten workplaces. (0/10)
  4. Make a schedule for myself, including a sleep schedule.
  5. Get my room clean – save organizing for June.
  6. Write/Work on projects more, play The SIMS less.
  7. Write a letter to my past eighteen year old self; post on
  8. Hang out with Colt.

I have a speech on Wednesday. It’s my last speech. Joy.

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Good luck with your list! I love making lists, I find them a nice guide and a base for me to start from! Do you have any ideas about which book you’re going to read?

Hope your speech went well!

Good luck with that To-Do-List! x.x I don’t make finish em often.
I’ve been trying to do number four for a while now, it’s hard to train yourself to wake up at a certain time. But I guess practice makes perfect (or close)!
I did something similar to number seven for school, it’s really fun. :3 I always wonder what your old/future self would say about a letter you write to them or something.
Take care! 🙂

Haha, I looked twice at your domain name/e-mail! 😀

I have an alarm on my phone, but if an app’s running (like e-mail, games, Internet, and/or Opera Mini browser), then it will merely beep. So if I’m really exhausted I cannot do those things because I could pass out. Haha.

Hey! Oh good luck with your list. What book? 🙂 That seems like a pretty good goals.

I really need to get myself on a sleep schedule too. Haha.

Good luck with the goals. 🙂 I think it’s just important that you at least try, even if you don’t really get them all done. I also set myself to read a book. I read two last month but I think I can only make one this month, given my current goals.

You will definitely get that speech out of the way, look on the bright side. 😀 It’s nearly over.

Pass Plus is a grade… the system here goes from Fail, Pass, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction. There theoretically shouldn’t be plusses and minuses, but some stupid tutors put them in for… I don’t know, fun? ._. It’s really irritating because this stupid “Pass Plus” might as well be scraping past with a stupid Pass or she could have given me a Credit.

I just went back after a break that ended last week, so I’m not getting a break until mid-June. That break is only for a week before I go back for one class, and then I get another week’s break before I go back in August… it’s not all that great.

Applying to at least 10 workplaces is such a good plan! I rarely make goal lists.. well I make lists of “what I should do today” when I am studying for exams and I need to organize my day so I have time to study for more than 1 exam etc. But I don’t have “goals for may”. Maybe I should have though.. reading at least 1 book would be a good idea! I’m so behind on my reading. I’ve got 2 books that I started to read during christmas holidays and.. well.. I should finish them!

I never make goal lists, either. 😛 This is my first time, and so I’m hoping at least 50% of it is done. If not 50%, then even 25% would be a great start; it’s way better then the 0% I always get. >.>

I’ve never seen the movie, but The Boy With The Striped Pajamas is the book I’m wanting to read. I haven’t read it yet, but I know what it’s about.

This looks like a great list of goals. I may have to steal this idea.

In response to your comment, BEDA stands for Blog Every Day in April. 😀

Good luck on your goals! I think you chose some good ones. Number six sounds like the hardest to me. The Sims is the worst. It sucks you in!

I know!! In the past few days, instead of playing The Sims, I have been doing something else, like writing, watching TV (better than playing The Sims for hours and hours…), brainstorming, etc. :3

Hmm. BEDA sounds pretty cool. 😛

I like the idea of writing a letter to yourself in the past. I may have to try that! I’d be interested in seeing what you say. 🙂 Good luck accomplishing your May goals!

Yeah, there’s so much to say, it’s just the wording I need to figure out! D:

Interesting goals 🙂 I want to make a goal list for myself as well but probably not until next month since I have no time to finish the goals this month 🙁

Its amazing how rooms can get so cluttered with stuff is it not? I just did my room and it took forever! I started before school which began in Feb, and I just now am getting close to being done. Wow.. thats sad ! but I’ve been super busy in the mean time lol. Hopefully yours doesn’t take that long!

Best of luck with your speech~ 🙂

My room’s a wreck. It was clean, but it’s not at all anymore. 🙁 Blahh.

Thanks, I hate watching myself. She records our speeches on our memory cards, and I really DON’T want to watch mine. 😐


You are so organized. I start “to do” lists and hardly ever completely finish them! I like the idea of writing the letter to your eighteen-year-old self. That’s a cool idea.

Are you having to speeches? YUCK. I hated it when I took a speech class. I was so bad. I would shake so hard that even the podium would move. I got through it, but quickly realized I wasn’t going to have a career in public speaking.

Oddly, when I studying to be a teacher, it didn’t bother me to be in front of a class. It was a different sort of feeling than standing behind a podium:~)

Good luck with your studies and your “to do” list!

You should try really really hard! Especially that part about the sleep schedule. Because consistency in a sleep schedule that has enough sleep does wonders for you. And I have yet to achieve that.

Good luck!


Yeah, I think that, if I could catch up on my sleeping/not be so tired, that I’d be happier and have more energy and feel a lot better than I do now. Because I feel like crap. 🙁 And I’m frustrated all of the time. D:

I think you can read one book! Book, or do you mean novel? 😛 In that case you could just go to some children’s alphabet book and it’ll take you a second to read. I joke 😛 Aw, for me I’m not old enough to work… if I were I’d be applying like right away! Where are you planning to apply too? I also play Sims, the Sims 3 to be exact.

And thanks 😀 Btw, I’m IN LOVE with these smilies! :love:

Haha, thanks. I’m trying to find different smilies. These are from

I mean novel, but I think a book is the same. >.>