POV: You want to try menstrual cups, but your husband says no because he finds them disgusting.

“My thing is…I want to try menstrual cups, but my husband said he would divorce me quicker than I could put it in if I did that, so I can’t. Unless he dies. ;)”

Why get married if you hate your spouse?

I understand this was supposed to be funny. Keyword: supposed. The intention did not skid past this autistic gal and leave shit stains on the carpet rug.

Blood orange on lavender nail-polished fingers on bathroom background to look like menstrual fluid
It’s not actually menstrual fluid.

It did remind me to be grateful that I’m a lesbian, though there are some wholesome memes featuring amazing, feminist-bleeding husbands who remind me decent people exist out there and not everyone is in a hapless marriage counting down the days until the other’s death.

Writing openly about menstruation and reusable menstrual products garners this kind of feedback a few times a year. The bleeding, cis gender woman herself is not disgusted by menstrual cups; her cis gender husband man, however, is.

If I query more into this issue, bleeders will tell me their cis gender husbands “just find the blood gross”.

“He says anyone who doesn’t know period blood is gross is an idiot.”

“There’s a better chance of him having sex with me before he lets me put something up there beside himself.”

Wait, what? Dear bleeder, does he even get you off?

This circumstance reminds me so much of the lesbians I knew years ago, who wanted their women to never fart or poop within the vicinity, because “you don’t eat and shit in the same place”. (Like, pretty sure sexual people do do that in some form, FYI.)

It also tells me all I need to know about your husband and your marriage, regardless of how happy you say you are in it.

Menstruation is a natural bodily function.

I’m not going to deliver a spiel about the importance of menstruating for womanhood, because not every bleeder identifies female, and not every female bleeds out a vagina at all.

However, I do find the people who say menstruation, along with other natural bodily functions (and hej, even shapes!), is “gross” says a lot more about themselves.

They’re the gross ones.

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