MISSION: Operation Observation

According to Isaac, Mimi treats him differently. Today I told my mom that I will observe how Mimi treats Isaac versus the other kids whilst she and Lard are in Florida and Mimi is watching the kids. She wants me to tell her how this goes. I suppose I can type everything up in Microsoft Word or something so that she will know. I’ll also observe his behaviors and what he does, and I will record everything into that document so that things are accurate – from my point of view, at least. I won’t put my opinions into it; I’ll simply write down exactly what I see. That sounds fair, no? I think so.

My mom and Lard went to Taco Bell because Lard wanted a taco from Taco Bell.

My mom wondered where I was before she left. I’d already moved Carrie to the couch, and I was in Carrie’s room on her bed with the door shut playing on my lappy. I was about to change into my night clothes until she asked where I was. I walked out of the room, and there you have it – Lard wanted a taco from Taco Bell.

Tonight I didn’t go to bed early like I’d intended/wanted to because I love Taco Bell too much to pass it up.

My mom said she knows me too much. I agreed, when she listed out what I would most likely want: 2 bean and cheese burritos with extra cheese, no onions, no lettuce, and red sauce is okay.




Anyway, I just decided to share this with you. ^^

If you have any free time, feel free to e-mail me about helping me find images for the uni TCG project I am currently working on. I’d really love to open it pretty soon – August is my deadline date. I just need help finding the images for it!

At the moment I am having trouble with…

  • textbooks (almost done)
  • cell phones

Certain list items will be indexed out later. I need twenty images for each one – and these have to be high-quality images, so I’m looking all over flickr, and that’s getting … annoying. D: If you help me out, I’ll give you credit on the TCG as an image finder and advertise you on 6birds.net for two months as well as plug you in two blog posts I happen to post in the future! ^^

It would really mean a lot. Even one picture helps, at this point. :3

Current mission: Operation find new/different smilies![1. Ignore this!]

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I think keeping track of your observations is good– in a well thought kind of way XD! Good luck with the observations! :D! And hope nothing bad can come out of this :X!

I love and hate taco bell at the same time. XD! I hate how it’s Americanized, but I do love some of its products :P. But still :P. I hope you enjoyed the Taco Bell (: One way or another- but you still loved it :D!

The best images — that I can find are the ones on Deviantart.com . . . check it out (:! Good luck with the project :D! I can help– if you contact me about it on the weekend :X! Because I so forget a lot of things throughout the hours. D: Right now, I’m just doing the task of going through comments :P.

:O Really? I don’t know :X. I guess I got into the habit of doing lengthy comments from time to time. I guess it varies from person to person. I always thought- if you’re going to do it, do it right :X.

Harold Camping.. Wow :X. I thought he’d be like any other preachers. But wow :O! A chemist- predicting these events are crazy! ‘~’. But he’s just embarrassing himself even further -___-! First, it’s Y2k, then 6/6/6, then ???, and this. What’s next? 10/11/12? It’s just paranoia between people! Silly people!

Take care (:

it wont let me view your project because i dont have an account :/ but they do have some good images at morguefile for free and istock for sale O.O

Thanks – I’ll look there! 🙂 Also, I edited it so that the list is public; I hadn’t realized it wasn’t before! 🙂

Don’t you hate when people say they are being treated differently? My best friends kids say that all the time, but I know she doesn’t treat them any differently. But yet, they think she does. I’ve tried to explain that, but the oldest isn’t ready to see/listen to that I guess.

OMG. I WORK AT TACO BELL! How funny is that? The perk is while we are working we get free food/drinks. I work night shift 9pm (10pm) to 5am in the morning so it’s a def treat. Last night I had my favorite–the chicken burrito. I’m always asked if I want something special on it but I normally eat it as is.

And I tried to look at your project, but I can’t see it. So maybe you can link it to me? If I can I’d love to help you out =)