Monthly Movies: November 2013

I’ve realized I feel more relaxed and able to think when I make time for movies at least once a week. The first two weeks of November were long and agonizing, and I wasn’t going to watch movies when I could write instead. Anyway, I really like this ‘series’ thing.

In watching movies, I kind of realize how different I am from other people in my family. I grew up around Rated R movies and crude language. I understand there’s a time and place for such, but I couldn’t marry someone who wasn’t into Rated R movies. That’d be like taking an entire slice out of my life. No thank you.

  1. Our Idiot Brother — Another movie about a dysfunctional family. This movie has to do with an idiot brother, drugs, affairs and a dog.
    Similar movies: Family Weekend
  2. One for the Money — Another bounty hunter movie that ends with romance. It kind of reminds me of those undercover movies: “With x at a, I knew all I had to do was wait for the right time to snag y for some questions.” It’s like those commentary movie features. I think they’re called “asides” in theater. The ending was so predictible it’s annoying. Eye candy Daniel Sunjata’s in this, but I really hoped for more scenes with him. It would have been nice for a romantic comedy to have the protagonist end up with someone other than their so-called enemy for once. Stephanie (Katherine Heigl) and Ranger would have been adorable together. 😉
    Similar movies: Identity Thief, Bounty Hunter
  3. Friends With Kids — An idea that starts out innocent often turns into something much deeper, obviously. But is it too late?
    Similar movies: The SwitchThe Back-up Plan
  4. Drive — This movie starts out as a more serious version of Napoleon Dynamite and then almost turns into something similar to The Fast and the Furious series, but also a more serious version. The music choice feels old-fashioned, I sometimes had to rethink the bad guy, and certain scenes are grotesque and detailed. It’s basically a mob/gang movie. Ryan Gosling’s character is interesting. It was kind of weird seeing Ryan Gosling play the protagonist in such a movie because I’ve only ever seen him in chick flicks.
  5. Princess: A Modern Fairytale — It was hard to see her after I watched this movie in Heroes since she played one of the bad ones (aren’t they all bad eventually?). I either heard about this when it originally premiered on ABC Family all the time, or I saw pieces of this and just never sat down to watch the entire thing. Most of the time it either felt like déjà vu or a total mindfuck.
  6. American Wedding — Sooo, my cousin and I saw American Pie when we were kids at Mimi’s house once. We didn’t know what it was and just sat there, eyes wide, as we weren’t sure whether to laugh because we didn’t understand why they were acting so weird in this movie or to laugh because we thought we understand. We ended up stopping it because “adults are too weird” and put on Twister instead (which ended up terrifying us right before the storm knocked the power out). This one was funny-ish, though. It was more annoying than I expected.
  7. Fun Size — Although it’s a Nickelodeon movie, it’s more of a teen movie; I don’t find it all that child-friendly (unless you want your kids repeating certain behaviors), some of the jokes are ill and Albert on the toilet (you can hear him using it…) is disgusting. I guess it’s as repulsive as the Spongebob series gets only worse, with some sexual references. Not a fan. I was bored throughout the movie.
  8. Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby — Don’t judge me. This was actually cute! It’s like a mobster twist on the fable The Three Little Pigs, going past the last house.
  9. The Red Shoes — Though it’s actually a TV short, it was pretty cute. c: “The thing about animals is they don’t let money get in the way of friendship.” It’s for kids, though. Like, story time got boring after five minutes.
  10. Schoolboy Crush — The new boy’s got a dirty little secret that changes everyone’s lives forever. I really liked this movie because of the theme, and the ending really did me in. Love has no boundaries and conquers all obstacles, even if that obstacle is a wheelchair.

I also watched both Pocahontas movies and Bad Teacher.

What did you watch? 🙂

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Comments on this post

I’m terrible when it comes to watching movies. I’m so picky that I avoid watching anything I might not enjoy and I end up watching the same movies over and over. Recently I watched Aladdin, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Mean Guns.

I agree when it come to ‘One for the Money’. But them I agreed with that with book series it’s based on to. I much prefer Ranger to Joe.

Last month I watched ‘White House Down’, ‘The Heat’, and ‘Pacific Rim’.

I watched “Our Idiot Brother” the other day. It was pretty good. I like watching movies about dysfunctional families, it makes me shake my head a little less about my own.

I actually really liked America Pie, the original, when it first came out. It was sort of the first movie of it’s kind where it showed that it was ok to be a teenager and think about sex and masturbation and sometimes teenagers do weird things.

Granted, I’d have preferred not to have seen it with my friends older brother and girlfriend, and later my parents 😛

I found the “American Pie” series to be a bit immature. I can handle such content if there is some sort of less-shallow meaning behind it. I recommend the “Porky’s” trilogy if you haven’t seen it already.