Monthly Movies: October 2013

Getting lost in time via watching movies has proven to be rather tranquil for me and has been a lovely way for me to lose myself for a long period of time and not have to directly worry about anything. It’s been nice.

  1. Side Effects — This is a movie Bri and I were going to watch in theaters when it came out and we couldn’t decide on something. We didn’t, though. It’s super confusing at times, and it’s one of those movies that made me want to just solve all the problems. However, the ending is a huge twist. Don’t read any reviews on it; luckily for me, the first Netflix review I read advised not to “read anything further about it than the Netflix description of the movie because it’ll give it away. The advertising for this movie was minimal, which is perfect.”
    Therefore, no comparisons. 😉
  2. The Rebound — I was looking around the comedy section of Netflix because the romance section wasn’t something I was interested in. I expected a comedy, which it was, but it was more of a romantic comedy with more romance than comedy. Still, it was a great movie.
    Similar movies: The BreakupNo Strings Attached
  3. Flypaper — Patrick Dempsey stars as an obsessive (possibly compulsive) who analyzes every single second of the two bank robberies taking place at once. Slowly, but surely, he solves the case piece by piece. It’s both a comedy and an action movie.
    Similar movies: Man of the HouseRed
  4. Assassination of a High School President — This movie was weird. With that said, I don’t think I’ll be watching it again simply because of the weirdness. I don’t know if it was a good or a bad movie.
    Similar movies: Nancy DrewHarriet the Spy: Blog Wars
  5. White House Down — I’m actually quite disappointed in this movie simply because the previews gave me the impression that it’d be a hilarious parody of Olympus Has Fallen. Instead, it had some funny parts, but I felt more worried about what would happen. Nevertheless, it was still a good movie. The similarity between the two is also apparently a mere coincidence, and I assume director Roland Emmerich made the trailer have a more hilarious approach due to the seriousness and tension that was in Olympus Has Fallen. Both have super hot actors and really great casting as well, SO if it’s your kind of thing, you should watch it. :p

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Comments on this post

I just recently watched White House Down as well. I kept getting it confused with Olympus Has Fallen and thought I had watched it.. I hadn’t read exactly what it was about/reviews or trailer, so it was pretty good without those beforehand. xD

I liked Side Effects and luckily I hadn’t read/head/seen anything about it really before watching. 🙂

I definitely live under a rock because the only one I’ve heard of is White House Down. I saw Olympus (Butler is actually my other husband, heh), and enjoyed it and never went to see the other one because I thought it was just going to be a rip-off. The IMDB for Side Effects sounds really interesting though!

I saw two movies out of the 5 that you listed. I didn’t like White House Down at all. Maybe because I’ve seen and enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen and I really enjoyed the fight scenes and the plot of Olympus that it felt like White House Down was really flat and dull. The comedic parts didn’t really make it up for it, personally. I didn’t like Channing Tatum’s acting in it too.

I personally LOVED Side Effects and I loved Rooney Mara and Jude Law’s acting in the movie. The twist was so unexpected–I was really surprised when it was revealed. I love it so much. 😀

I loved it, too! I also really loved that I was never able to figure out what would happen in the end; my predictions were constantly changing.

Based on your comments, I’m sold on The Rebound and Flypaper. I’m big on comedies. I’ll read into the rest and see if I’m interested. Gosh I need to catch up on some films. It has been way too long…