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Thursday I went to my dad’s house. He randomly text messaged me wishing me a happy thanksgiving and included in the same text message a question of whether I wanted to come over to his house until Saturday. So I decided to. It would allow me to get away and go over there and visit and chill and whatnot. Kim’s mom was still there, so I got to see her as well. She left Friday morning after breakfast, though. Friday my dad also wanted to get some family pictures taken – so Kim needed something for Ezra, and I didn’t have any red/black outfit, so we went to Kohl’s. On Friday. The day after Thanksgiving. BLACK FRIDAY.

Last year I worked it. I worked Black Friday at Walmart. You know what? It’s so much different on the consumer end. -.- There weren’t a lot of people in line when we first arrived, but whilst we were shopping and looking around (and I was trying things on), the line was piling up. The line wrapped all the way around the store… Anyway, the guy who checked us out didn’t get the security magnet and pin out/off of my bra, so my dad had to. Blah. I suppose it IS possible to get those things off at home. 😉

After the pictures (they were done at Super Target… haha), we went to Chili’s. I was hungry, but like recently for some reason, I didn’t eat as much as I used to eat. .-. The waiter’s name was Travis. He was attractive, I guess. I’m not memorable, though, and the odds of ever meeting him again are so very slim, so I’m not gonna go on a hunt or anything to find him. 😉

Today, I was back at “home”(?)[1. It feels odd calling this home, even though I live here.], because this is where we celebrate the family stuff.

Bri and I went to the movies to see Red Dawn late last night. I’ve seen the 1984 version. I like this one better. It’s a bit more updated… :p I won’t ruin it for you guys, but we were expecting it to be a guy’s movie. We were told it’s like COD – and it is. But we thought it’d be something we wouldn’t like. It’s pretty awesome, very unexpected, and if you happen to feel the need to pee after being freaked out randomly, then you might wanna not have a drink sitting next to you. I went to the restroom beforehand, had a Sprite with me, and jumped during one of the scenes. And I didn’t wanna leave the movie. We were sitting at the very top, anyway. In the middle.

Anyway, great movie. I recommend it.

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Wow…a new design and site! I’ve been trying to leave you a comment, but my blog list wasn’t undated and it coming “site expired” or something like that.

It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. Like others said…I can’t believe you actually survived working on Black Friday and at a Walmart. That’s impressive and shows a great deal of stamina and will power.

Hope things are going well for you:~)

p.s. I like the site

We don’t have Black Friday in England, apart from online, but I have seen videos of the way people react and how they will fight for something so small and pointless. Does that really happen? I’m intrigued!

I’ve worked in a shop on Christmas Eve and that was bad enough. People were still coming into the store even after closing time. Seriously, did they not get enough time to shop before Christmas?!

You’ve worked black friday at Walmart…? Good god. T_T I’m glad you got out unscathed… I hope you did anyways.

I’m glad you seemed to have had a nice break (at least from the entry). I’ve never watched that movie, but maybe I will this winter break. I mean, what’s more ironic than an Australian guy gracing the front of the poster with the caption, “HEROES ARE MADE IN AMERICA”??

I’ve also been craving chili… I need to get some mixes, or learn how to make them or something… (I don’t even know if Chilis sell chilis, but yeah.. >>;;;;;)

Haha I remember once going to a Marie Calendars restaurant and ended up having a huge crush on this cute guy who was my waiter. About a week later, I came back to the restaurant and had him as my waiter again. I wanted to ask his number but I chickened out. :-X

You’ve worked Black Friday before? And at Walmart? That place is CRAZY on Black Friday! But this year, I didn’t join the craziness there, instead, I went to Target. I went back to Walmart when the line outside wasn’t as long as before the place opened up.

I had those magnet thingy stuck on my clothes before and it never beeped when I exited the store. I didn’t realize it was there until I got home. I had to go back to the store for them to take it off. 🙁 Such a hassle, but better than wearing a shirt with the magnet thingy on!

I’ve never seen or even heard of that movie before. I’ll check out the trailer to see if I’ll like it.

I am extremely happy to read that you went out and had a good time with Bri. 😀

By the way, more interaction like this with your family is exactly what you need to get out of the dumps.

Yeah, I didn’t blog about other stuff that happened, so no. I tried telling my dad about stuff, and it just didn’t freaking work. And to be honest, that really pisses me off.

Working on Black Friday at Wal-Mart sounds scary…ugh…

It was only last year…