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The other post I started to write just didn’t work out.

Which do you prefer laptop or desktop?

I wouldn’t complain about having a desktop computer, but I currently have a laptop, and so far I don’t really need anything else.

How many computers do you have in your home?

There are 2 computers in this house: my laptop and my grandparents’ desktop.

Where do you keep it?

I keep my lappy in my room.

PC or Mac?

…PC. I’d LOVE to have a Mac, though.


I think this is where I say it’s Lenovo ThinkPad.

What is your processor (AMD, Intel, Celleron etc.)?


How much Ram do you have?

How about you tell me when you figure this out?

How much hard disk?

See the answer to the above.

Operating system?


How old is the oldest computer in your home?

Most likely the desktop, but I don’t know how old, and I honestly could not care less.

Do you watch movies/television on your computer?


Top three favourite games?

I don’t really have any at the moment that I know of. P:


Built in.

This part was actually a major need. My old lappy doesn’t have one[1. Should I include that in the count? It won’t turn on, though, so what’s the point?], and I wanted to be able to record video and sound and take pictures without needing a separate hookup. Therefore, the laptop I bought had to have a built-in webcam.

Most used program?

Paint Shop Pro 7, PhotoFiltre, FTP, Dreamweaver and/or Google Chrome. Take your pick.

Browser of choice?

Chrome, because Opera and Safari annoy me, Mozilla and Netscape are too much alike and I used it way back when when everyone seemed to be hooked on IE AND IE is IE and I don’t want to be associated with it. Safari is more tolerable than IE and Opera, Netscape more tolerable than Mozilla, and Safari more than Mozilla.

When are you going to upgrade?

My lappy’s only a year old.

From Squidoo.

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Comments on this post

Right click on My Computer > Properties and voila, how much RAM you have. xD

I built my computer about 6 months ago, and I have a 3-year-old laptop that I haven’t touched ever since. I don’t think I’ll be needing a laptop any time soon because my desktop more than satisfies my needs, but like you, my next laptop will definitely need a webcam and mic. xD

I am stealing this too. 😛

I have no idea how to figure out the RAM on Windows, but hard drive isn’t hard. On Mac it’s the other way around, haha.

You must be the only person I know who hates Firefox. Usually people are between that and Chrome. My main computers use Firefox because I use and am used to a lot of the functions, while the slow computers for searching and browsing use Chrome. Yeah, I use a lot of different computers.

I used to use Firefox a long time ago. It’s probably better now, but it just bores me, to be honest. 😛

My Window button + the letter E bring up a file folder which displays the usage of my hard disk (never read that one actually, so I hadn’t even noticed) and the recovery dealy. I have 335GB free of 454GB. When I stop being so lazy and clean out the Big Fish games that were really just stupid trials and/or free full versions that I just don’t even play anymore, it should go down quite a bit. :p

My brother has a lenovo thinkpad 🙂 I think it’s pretty good, but I love my macbook pro to ever use PC/windows again. With my lifestyle right now, I prefer a laptop for easier travel. I’m using Chrome, too… but I don’t sign onto it often.. I’m too paranoid lol

I don’t sign into Chrome at all because when I close it, it signs me out. So it seems pointless in signing in altogether. 😛