My life makes these “reality TV” shows look bad.


My fuse blew – or whatever it is called that happens to fuses. Still, the interior lights, the horn and my radio doesn’t work. I can’t listen to music TO or FROM work, so I have to make sure I’m wide awake whilst driving. It’s really annoying, and although I could listen to my iPod, doing so is simply distracting (and my ears are quite sensitive when it comes to things playing directly in my ears).


I watched kids all day long. ‘Twas quite stressful, and I wasn’t listened to. “The End” of talking about this.


Long day. Almost overslept. ‘Twas exhausted. Walked outside to walk to my truck to leave for work, my flashlight in my hand, and I heard a rustle in the leaves. Upon turning to see what exactly it was, I first started calling Todd. I noticed the animal was raising its big, furry tail – it was a skunk, prepping to spray me to keep me away.


I am claustrophobic. I was balling my eyes out this morning about an hour. I couldn’t get out of my room, and no one was home. LUCKILY my phone was in my room so I could call my mom. I ended up having to escape via my window.


My life should be on TV. Only the oddest, most craziest things happen to me (or around me, or in my life, etc.). For example, I’m one hundred percent sure you don’t believe me when I mention the fact that last year a horse of ours got its front feet stuck in a bed post (the ones that have bars).

Everyone who has read my blogs for the past year (at least) should know that something different happens everyday in my life.

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