My Personality Type

#blogtember prompt: Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

According to the personality test, out of the 16 personality types, I have INTP. That’s 89% introversion, 12% intuition, 12% thinking and 11% perception. In the event that you’re like me and do better with a visual:

INTP Personality Chart

I had missed one question, and if I had not went back to answer it, I instead would have had the INTJ personality. You never know when one small detail will change everything!

I agree and disagree with what Wiki says about perception; I don’t always delay important decisions, and when I do, it’s much less than when I face important decisions first.

What personality are you? :p

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I’m not sure if you like Harry Potter (although, I do like to make the assumptions everyone does) but here’s a cool list of the main characters and the personality types.

I’m an INFP and it’s what I always get when I take it. Typically, I do agree with what it says about my personality and I’m not surprised I share the personality type with Luna! I always felt her and I would be kindred spirits!

I always always come out ISTJ. I always come out overwhelming judgmental because I’m always punctual and get annoyed at people when they’re not punctual enough. I’ll also admit that it has taken quite a bit of effort to rein my judgmental side in. And now I judge people when they start judging other people…

But a quick comment: You probably didn’t come out 100% perceiving, which means that while you are more perceiving than judgmental, you don’t exhibit all the traits of perceiving. So while lots of people who come out perceiving may lay off important decisions, doesn’t mean you have to as well to be categorized as perceiving. There’s a huge gray zone between 100% perceiving and 100% judgmental. The line that gets drawn between the two is probably a bit arbitrary.

Interesting! It’s always cool to learn more about people and that quiz can give you some more details to think about. I’m an INFJ. I have taken that quiz for years and have always had the same result. ^^

Last time I took this quiz, I was an INTJ, but this time I’m a ISTJ, but then again my results very from month to month. It is interesting how things like this can change so much, though. I’m glad you’re at peace with your results!

I don’t put much stock in Jung/Myers-Briggs tests because I get a different result every time I take one (even the official ones!). I go between INTP, INTJ, INFP and INFJ. So, I guess I’m an IN T/F P/J? Haha.

It’s not surprising that my results change every time though. I have a straaaaange personality whitch is very much affected by what’s going on in my life at the point of taking the test.

I do find that I get along better with people who routinely get INTP on those tests though, so maybe that’s my ~true~ type. 🙂