My Thoughts Whilst Reading Blog Posts

I get really annoyed really easily. I’m also a misanthrope, so.

“Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.” No, I don’t? [closes tab]

Your website is loading SO slow.
Still slow.
Are you freaking kidding me?!
Even the browser gave up.[1. It ended up being a WordPress blog flooded with ads and a marquee, with GIFs all in the posts.]

Your image is missing.

Why is your recipe lacking in line breaks? I find those rather important.

Would it be rude to tell you that Papyrus is a dreadful font to read a blog with? Can I at least ask you to separate your blob into friendly paragraphs?

Your pictures are really crappy. Turn on the light… it helps.

Why TF are you using .jpg for graphics? It makes the text all blurry. Everything is too scratchy.

“It doesn’t really rhyme.” Was it supposed to? Why would you mention that? Obvs it doesn’t. OMFG.

You’re grammar clearly sux. -.-

Oh. You are blogging about ANOTHER linkup. Yay. That’s. So. Very. Fu- [closes tab][2. I was gonna say “fun”.]

Bite me.

Oh, you dislike people with chronic bitch face? Have you not seen yours? They can’t help the way their face looks, so lay off.

What’s even the point with fashion posts? It gives all your commenters the ability to comment with “pretty outfit!” or whatever. Where is the quality in that?

You, have an, excessive, amount of, redundant commas.

I just LOVE those annoying Hello Bar things people put on their sites. It’s so eye-catching and space-consuming! According to the site, you have either 25 or 100 clicks… If I spam click it, will it disappear? YES, I AM SERIOUS.

How cute: your blog’s title is from a movie.

Even better: a blog whose site name is totally different from the URL!

Why is everyone posting irrelevant pictures on their posts that I could literally find on Tumblr in 3, 2…?

Centered text. Lovely. Neeeeext.

A “What I’ve been Up To” post. But these are just pictures of your dog. Thanks for showing me that you spent the week capturing moments of your dog eating, playing, sleeping, sleeping again, eating, chewing up your high heel, rolling around in the dirt, sleeping, eating, just standing there, scratching his ear… That is just SO interesting! I MUST have more!

This is how you make glow-in-the-dark Mountain Dew.

WTF does THAT mean?

Why do I even blog anymore.

I’m also considering closing comments. Again. It’s been a year or so since I’ve done that, but I keep getting comments that only make me angrier because they don’t really grasp the point I was trying to make in said post. And that’s just annoying. And not even replying to them annoys me, but I try to bite my tongue anyways. And I hate that. But I probably won’t close them, because I do enjoy getting them.

On another note, these thoughts are a chain, meaning the first few new blogs I tried to blog hop around on had things that are turn offs to me, and each one I’d find thereafter would be just the same, if not worse.

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Fashion pictures…ugh…why do we need to see 10+ pictures of someone standing in the same spot? And the ridiculous poses! Who stands on one leg and smiles at the ground while running their fingers through their hair? It doesn’t look natural at all.

I used to do link-ups that had interesting writing topics, but I noticed a connection between them and thinly-disguised self-promo comments. (“Cool post!” and similar short remarks often translate to “I just left a couple of quick words, hoping you’ll click my name and visit my blog.”)

Oh, I forgot to add this. When it comes to blog names, can people please STOP trying to combine “Life” and “Wife”? I would like to have $1 for every blog title I come across that has some version of “Life Of A/The/One ___ Wife”.

@Robin, “A Wife’s Journey Through Life”, “A Wife’s Life”, “This Wife’s Life”, “It’s A Wife’s Life”. It’s everywhere. Dx

My pet peeve when I read a blog is when I finally finish (because I’m a ‘read the whole post’ kind of gal) I find I have to sign up for a service to leave a comment. I hate those things!!

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I should keep reading blogs if all I am going to do is critique the blogger’s style, it can get pretty bad sometimes. But then on the other hand I feel bad because, I was there once…

Nooo, not a blog like yours. I like it. The layout is very clean and readable. It was directed to THOSE people 😀

I found some awesome blogs on your Reads list, so… Thanks for doing all the hard work ^^;

Do we share the same brain? Because this is literally the same list that I’ve had in my head ever since joining 20SB and some other blogging sites. I always click on other people’s links and then I have approximately 20 tabs open. So when I start to sort through them… I usually close a tab containing a blog like this after a few seconds because these things bother me so much. I mean, fellow blogger, have you ever seen any successful blogs that look like your blog? NO.

What I hate the most are recipe posts, where the blogger takes 100 pictures of the food, with flash. Have you even LOOKED at the photo before posting it? Seriously.

@Tanja, A blog like mine? o.o

I’ve found that many blogging communities contain blogs that peeve me, but I’ve somehow weaved my way through to find the ones I can actually stand and actually enjoy reading.

I don’t like the recipe posts where the pictures contain the instructions… and the ingredients… I can’t copy and paste that, and it’s usually also in a font that is quite difficult to read. 😡