n. overlays of exhaustion.

Internet went out the other day. You know, two days after I last blogged. I was going to blog two days after I last blogged. At least I am still on an even day. It doesn’t really mess much up. We’re switching Internet companies.

As far as school goes, everything is too crazy to blog about. As if I even want to blog about it. We went to register today. The people in the financial aid office can be really … mean. I filled out the FAFSA thing online, excuse me for not knowing I would need ___ for my financial aid crap. Isn’t that what the ladies in the financial aid office are there for? Are they not there to help? I understand they can’t be super nice and such, but why be mean? She was finally nice when my mom walked in and explained everything. Before my mom had walked in, she’d told me that I hadn’t filled out the FAFSA form prior to today – even though[ as I far as I knew] I had. Why must they make you feel stupid like that? Maybe that’s just how they get their kicks because they didn’t get to go to Route 66 for the summer and browse around at different places. I don’t know.

I changed my Twitter username in case you tried to find me recently to @alizarddd. I might make a new one later on. I’m going to just have @dehluorg, @alizarddd and my new one, which will contain just my online and close friends. Not all of these random online peeps. I’ve thought really long and hard about it, too. I’m just tired of all of the random people I follow and all of the random people I allowed to follow me. I don’t know about you, but it’s quite time consuming to go and block and unblock each person you don’t want following you. And with that, they often follow me again. It annoys me so much. Plus, I just want to start over, I just want to start fresh – I want to start anew. No drama, no messes… Just my Twitter and I. Nothing too personal, ya know?

On the plus side, if you’re like me and need a laugh after a long, stressful and frustrating week, here’s something to laugh about: Guys get something called IMS, which is similar to our (girls’) PMS. Thanks, Angela!

It did rain. It was a storm. Pretty cool, I suppose.

It seems like it’s every Friday night that I’m wishing for it to be Monday again. Friday night is the start of the weekend, which is the start of when everyone is here. Friday is when the kids are at their craziest peak on the hyperactivity scale. Once again I can’t lounge around in the living room whilst Cody is in there or else I’m screwed. I mean, if he asks something, he is going to repeat it. And when he repeats it, I ignore him. And when I ignore him, he continues and then starts doing all of these weird things and laughing and such. Maybe I don’t want to talk because my throat hurts so bad. Maybe I don’t want to talk because I’m tired. Maybe I don’t want to talk because I want to stay quiet for just a little bit. Maybe I want to relax. Is there anything wrong with that?

I’m exhausted; my throat hurts; I have this horrible, congested cough that I can literally feel each time I cough.

As a student on probation[1. Academic probation for having a GPA below 2.0. My current GPA is 1.67. It’s bad because of last semester. You know, the multiple doctor visits all relating to my ovarian cyst crap that I had to deal with? Yeah, that.], I had to take an at-school orientation test thing today. It was sort of easy, I suppose. Not that easy. They don’t really set a great example for students taking that test, though. Your is different from you’re, site and sight is different from cite, and you class should have been your class. Those are just a few of their errors[2. Which reminds me: They used they’re, their and there all wrong.].

Anyway, you all have a nice weekend.

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Oy. I hope that things get better soon!

Even at other places, people working for financial aid and other bureaucratic offices have a condescending tone towards students. I find it really irritating myself. Just make sure that you are not like them. However, there are a lot of people at school that just don’t have their shit together… and these are the people that the financial aid people probably deal with more often.

Go get your GPA up! It’ll help you so much! (Generally, you want it to be above a 3.0 I think.) Next time some big medical thing happens, perhaps you should just drop out and take medical leave for the rest of the semester.

Hope that this year is better than last!

A GPA really is better off being at least 3.0. I wish I had just dropped the classes instead – or even talked to a counselor about it. I have never heard of medical leave. Last term I was also caught up in all of the chaos everyone kept dragging me into – their financial problems, their wanting me to stay in school. I just felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because everyone I knew offline made me out to be this top-grade student who always did everything “right”, who never screwed up and who would never drop a class. When I had brought it up, Mimi just shook her head and ridiculously asked, “Well, why? Only quitters drop their classes,” and that’s why I didn’t drop. :{

I doubt I could ever blog as often as you do, every one or two days. Even during summer, I didn’t blog that much.

Once a week is enough for me.

Our internet used to go out all the time, until we switched. Things are fine now. 🙂

That sounds like it was really annoying to deal with. I hate it when the people that are supposed to be helping you give you a hard time.

I’m fine with my Twitter being all public. For me, that’s what Twitter’s for. I use Facebook for the private stuff.

I love weekends. 🙂 It’s a four day weekend this weekend here because of a couple of holidays. 🙂

My throat hurts too. Mostly because of this presentation we had yesterday.

I have this teacher that has terrible grammar. It’s ruining my grade in that subject because I can’t understand the questions in the tests. The grammar’s that bad. Nobody can understand the way he writes.

Haha. I like to try to have a blogging schedule. Otherwise, things might get a bit too complicated and/or pointless for me. Heh. I would do once a week, but I really do enjoy blogging more than that… I have so much to blog about and all that … mess. 😛

For a teacher to mess up that bad, that’s … that’s really bad! :O