Nerves + Expectations

No Raving Roundup for October. Why have one? I’m really busy right now, and you know what? I GOT A JOB.

I was really nervous about the interview. I’d never been to a real one before, so I was pretty sure I was actually sweating as much as I felt. Tomorrow I have this orientation to attend at 10am. I’m using my mom’s Explorer, and I am going to try to figure out my working schedule so I can somehow get my truck[1. Yes, that’s right – my dad found me a truck recently!]. Anyway, I’m really happy I have this job.

I’ve never been to an orientation before, but according to my mom (and the Walmart website) orientation is where they do a background check, drug tests, paperwork, training – all of those things. The dress is pretty cute – khaki pants and navy tops with tennis shoes. The tops do not have to be tucked in. I have one navy polo, one navy long-sleeved shirt, one pair of khaki pants and my pair of Dr. Scholl’s shoes I bought in January. They’re still in great shape!

I won’t know my pay until tomorrow, though. Or my schedule. I am going to ‘be offered a job‘. That’s not really something I am used to hearing job-wise.

Anyway, I’ll most likely be working the holidays considering that’s what kind of job this is. Things are turning around. I’m kind of nervous. But I’ll get comfortable in the environment once I get the feeling/hang of it, right? Gah, I hope so! Temporary or not, I really need this! I was nervous throughout the interview, and I sometimes – most times – tend to stutter when I’m nervous. …Or I just forget what I am trying to say. It really, honestly gets easier once I get the hang of it. That’s what I did at Sonic in ’07.

Oh well, wish me luck on everything! :}

Also, if all goes well and I do officially have the job, then working the holidays is probably going to be pretty crazy. I’m not used to not spending the holidays with loved ones. But this is what I need to do. I have to take the chances I am given. This is my current priority, and I am proud of it.

I’m putting together some music for me to sing to on the way there. You know, because singing whilst driving helps me to stay calm. Otherwise I’ll talk a lot (if I’m with someone else).


By the way… I have my winter theme all coded and ready! I have done this over the past few weeks (mostly because it helps me with stress), and the outcome is really different from what you’ve seen me use so far. xD I can’t wait for you to see it!

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Wow, good luck on getting a job! I wish I could get a job, but there is nothing around here at all. I’ve applied at so many different places, probably like 20. I’ve gone on so many interviews, and I never hear anything back. It’s quite discouraging. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, or if it’s lack of experience. Who knows.

But good job!

Often times you have to call (sometimes the HR department) and check up on your application. However, many companies have a demand for employees willing to work on weekends.

Congratulations, that’s so exciting! I was lucky enough to never work holidays, since all the stores are closed during the holidays here in the Netherlands. But they do usually pay you more when you work those, instead of ‘normal’ shifts, so I guess that’s a plus 😀

Congratulations on your job! That’s fabulous! Good luck with your orientation, too. I hope it all goes well and everything is all official! 🙂

Congratulations! I’m sure that you’ll do just fine. Extra cash is always nice.

For the record, I applied for a job at Wal-mart three and a half years ago, and they didn’t even give me an interview! So I’m sure that your application was beautiful and that your interview went much better than expected. =P

And next time you have interviews, they’ll get easier and easier. 😀