November 2016 recap

I’d like to note that, whilst I’m well aware these recap posts aren’t the most interesting of posts, they serve as little reminders for myself. My memory sucks (#ThanksPTSD). I post them to help me remember, but I link to posts about things in them (if applicable) in case someone wants to read about it.

I’m doing this month a bit differently, because I’m in a list mood.


  • I attended my cousin’s wedding. I looked pretty, if I may say so myself. I should have gotten a photo. Why didn’t I take a selfie?? The photos I have of me include my siblings, and I don’t want to plaster them all over my blog. ?
  • I did try a “theme” of sorts for my Instagram account. It was black-and-white, then colored, every other post. Screw it. The whole “theme” thing doesn’t fit a lifestyle. ?
  • The 2016 Presidential Election happened. ?
  • Between the election results, and the North Dakota Access Pipeline threatening the destruction of sacred burial grounds and clean water to Native Americans, I’m spent. Yet I celebrated Thanksgiving, and all for what? Because Thanksgiving to many Native Americans is a Day of Mourning. ?
  • I started gift guides. They take a lot of time, especially when you don’t have your own laptop and need various editing programs. So I might just save them for next year or something. Kinda disappointing. ??
  • I made plans to start blogging about #couponing. I’m rather excited for a plethora of reasons. I’ll either get around to it in December or January, depending on the chaos of the holiday season.
  • I was published on/at Little Pink Kayak. ? #YayMe I wrote about traveling as an autistic adult with sensory sensitivities. ?
  • I totally failed at posting a Cool People interview this month. ?
  • My phone died—royally, of course. It first screwed up on Thanksgiving, then flipped and flopped like a fish out of water until midnight-thirty of the 28th. I’m more sad about my turquoise-and-black phone case, because IT WAS SO LOVELY. It’s legit what made my phone my baby. I decided to go on a phone hiatus, because I can’t with technology right now. ? RIP, my precious turquoise-and-blank phone case.

?Friday, 9 December is Day in the Life day, and the start of me taking on the linkup. ?

How was your month?

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Comments on this post

I love your little snippets that happened over the month. It’s sweet and goes straight to the point. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of theme on Instagram where all of my pictures have some sort of uniform tone going on. Easier said than done XD. It’s pretty sad to see the horror that’s going on around the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Pepper spraying and spraying cold water in the cold weather? That’s unjust ~___~…

I’m looking forward to seeing your couponing blog! I’m always amazed at people’s 1337 skills in extreme couponing! I need that sort of coordination in my life XD. Congratulations on having a guest post published on Little Pink Kayak :)!