Of horses and cats and chickens and the farm

I spent the weekend with Mimi on her new farm. It isn’t the one I lived on, hence “new”. I had a blast: I saw Todd, and I rode Cinnamon, one of the horses. I learned Amigo died. 🙁 He had arthritis and just got to where he couldn’t function right, and it would have been more painful for him to continue going like he was.

Anyway, I did take pictures.~

I made four videos, but they won’t play right on my laptop, so I’ll see if they upload correctly to [at least] YouTube later and will post them on 6birds if they do play right when I get around to it. The audio only plays on my laptop… it’s really weird. >.>

This post is picture-heavy.


The latter two pictures were taken whilst I was horseback riding. The cat’s name is Todd, for those of you who are new. 🙂

If you look closely, you can see him in the picture of the house. 😉

Getting on a horse is, honestly, the hardest part. What’s more, horseback riding in general means you’re trusting a horse with your life, the same way you trust whomever you get into a car with with your life.

In my purse was my phone, camera, a water bottle, my lip balm stuff, my inhaler, and my EpiPen.

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I haven’t been to a farm in about 15 years. Looks like you had some fun! 🙂

Wow, I have not been on a horse in about 10 years. I used to love to ride. I miss my grandparents farm. They (farms) are always so much fun!

It looks like a lovely farm! I haven’t been horseback riding in years! It was always a bit daunting, but it felt a lot more freeing than bike rides. I love the sign on the chicken coop about the happy chickens!