Only Tuesdays

It is only Tuesday. I have six complete work days to overcome until my next day off: Monday. Work-wise, I am very flexible. I am available at any time of the day, week and month – even holidays. I am thanking God for Wal-Mart being closed on Christmas. I can only imagine how much chaos that would be if it were not.

This whole Christmas and gifts thing has made me want to buy my siblings presents. I have not exactly bought presents for others. I am thinking birthday presents should do. I don’t make that much money when it actually comes down to how much I make every two weeks. I know I make more than a teacher does and less than a nurse does, but still. This job has me reconsidering my desire to become a teacher. Perhaps my second mathematical-related job interest – accounting – would be much better when it comes to making money and having a much-needed job. Gas is killer on my paycheck every two weeks. I don’t like letting it get down to below the “half” mark, because after that, it just goes by super quickly. With that being said, it costs me about $40-60 just to fill it up – weekly. There is about half of my paycheck gone so abruptly. Then I like to have a little spending money, a little emergency money and a little saving money to use for saving up. Right now my spending money is being saved up for cable and Internet by Direct TV since it seems like it would just be much cheaper to have Internet by going that route AND having cable again (let’s just face that facts: I miss my shows and watching TV, and I can still watch TV and play online even though I have a job).

Now, for some boring sitely matters before I unfortunately forget, 6birds is going to be on Maintenance Mode for a little while. This is partly because I am so behind on it and partly because I am burnt out on it again. Last year I was burnt out on, too, remember? I’m just going to have a theme made or something this time. I don’t know what I want, though, and the whole “surprise me” saying doesn’t seem like it will work nowadays and be okay – and there are only a few people I could trust with the “surprise me” deal. I’m thinking I’ll just open it back up in February or March. That way, I can open it with a new springy theme.

My Melodies is receiving a makeover, too, but I opened it early so I could still have a place to blog after I put 6birds on maintenance mode. I just need to decide what I want before the makeover can even begin to happen.

I’m losing my voice. I really don’t like it. It’s so scratchy and off and on. I talk at my job. It’s a required factor of me working there.

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I wouldn’t say I’m a very people-person which is why I probably wouldn’t do so well at a place like Walmart. We have similar stores here and some are open on Christmas, some aren’t. My mum is working around Christmas day and in the wee hours of the morning for all the sales. D:

I must say, working lately and perhaps just a change of mood has made me want to buy my family some presents too. We have never really been big on presents but I feel really generous now for some reason.

It’s always hard having to put aside money when you have a job. A lot of it needs to go to necessities. 🙁 I think you should go for accounting. You’re great at maths and I know you love the idea of teaching, but accounting would get you a higher salary. It’s up to you though – just love what you do. You love numbers, so chances are you’ll love accounting too. 🙂 Most of my pay goes towards travel. :/