I have not blogged about how my day went in quite some time, so I am going to do so today.

Last night I set a Havaheart trap. It kept setting it off before it even reached its final destination on the back porch. After about eight times[1. 8 is my lucky number. I tend to use it when I know the number is not greater than ten. Think of my numbering things on a scale of eight to eighty. They’re just random numbers I choose often. Remember this. :P], I finally managed to set it properly. The cats (Todd and Rascal[2. My mom sent Rascal over to my house, so he can live outside. Now Todd pretty much lives outside because Rascal needs a buddy, and I am trying to get my room flea-free.]) spent the night inside last night – in the mud/living room to avoid being trapped and possibly laughed at by the opossum.

Opossums are not very pretty creatures. Really. They’re not. Not to me, anyway. As far as I know, they are pests. >.>

Mimi put the opossum – still in the trap – in the back of her truck. I currently do not know where she released it. If female, maybe the opossum is pregnant. If male, he is very fat. According to Mimi, he is a very big one compared to most. There’s no telling how long he has been under the house, but it does explain why Todd has not been going under the house very much!

Like I said, he isn’t a very pretty creature. And he’s heavy, too.

Especially when he sits on one end of the cage and you are trying to carry him and the trap to the front porch.

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It looks like it has spikes, except not as densely as a porcupine.

Hopefully you guys will find a place for it soon? Then it’ll stop bothering you.