I decided to do this thing called “Blogtember”. It might be something refreshing, and I’ll aim for scheduling the posts. It’ll also give me something different to think about rather than focusing on drama. If you have something to say to me that has to do with something private or whatever, email me. I’m no longer acknowledging it elsewhere online.

Trees, dancing in the wind — that’s where I come from — years of dancing in my room no matter the time of day, but also really enjoying dancing in the dark after midnight.

Writing, putting letters together to create words — that’s where I come from — lusting to learn more ways to combine them and press play.

Reading, eyeing the words on the pages — that’s where I come from — witnessing the characters’ lives right before my eyes.

Capturing, snapping scene stills — that’s where I come from — collecting moments that would have otherwise gone missed.

Coordinating, from outfits to color schemes — that’s where I come from — striving to create something brilliant with colors of the wind.

Now, to fill some space to prevent a large gap and a longer sidebar:

Rascal; courtesy of sabby91 @ flickr
(In the future, this won’t be necessary.)

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