Review: Perfectly Posh

I received a packet of Perfectly Posh samples for a mini spa from Stephanie to try out. I decided to blog about them at my own discretion.
Image of Perfectly Posh samples (listed below)


Purple envelope! As soon as I opened it, it smelled wonderful—a combination of all the scents of the products combined. They smell amazing. Everything was in a plastic baggy inside the purple mailing envelope.

The individual packaging looks so hip and feels so cool. Instead of making feel like I’m sampling boring grown-up products, I feel like I’m trying products from a company who totally gets me.


I didn’t try the Plum Luck body lotion or the All Fall Down hand creme due to shea butter and coconut oil, and me not wanting to break out all over. ?

BFF: Best Face Forever

I loved this! The peppermint and grapefruit scent was lovely and refreshing. The major downside is that it uses coconut-based ingredients, and I’m trying to cut coconut from my beauty regimen.

Considering Pore-Fect is the first free-from facial cleanser I’ve found ever, I want to try it.

Giving Me Life Face Mask

I’m not sure I did this right. I couldn’t figure out how to wash my face, put on a mask, and rinse the mask off without showering, so…I did it all in the shower, turning off the water whilst it was on my face, and washing my hair and shaving during the 10ish minutes.

I’d love to try Cackle Spackle, Calling All Fairies, or Kale Face. “Cackle Spackle” reminds me of a pair of sweats I have and a shirt I used to fit into.

Moisturize 911

The light citrus scent made it delicately fragrant, but not so much I wanted it off as soon as I put it on. I sampled a dot on one part of my face so as to avoid an incident I had with a face moisturizer in the past.

I tested the rest on various parts of my hands—the driest parts. There is a body creme version.

Vanity Pear Chunk

It was nice to bathe with soap that didn’t make me itch afterward. I never knew that feeling until now. I’m not big on bar soaps, mostly because I would always itch after and they seemed to dry my skin out, but this one didn’t. Stephanie is sending me a sample of Fall Out Girl Chunk and another chunk sample so I can try them out. Vanity Pear Chunk was extremely fragrant—a tad bit over the line as far as sensory overload goes.

Would I buy Perfectly Posh?

I can see myself buying it in the future. I know a key ingredient is coconut and nut-related products, but I have found several I’d be able to use that exclude from the “key ingredients” list allergens I’ve been trying to avoid in my beauty projects for over three years.

I like how they use natural products, are cruelty-free and have vegan options. The fragrances of the products are unique and refreshing; they pair nicely together instead of turning into this horrendously overwhelming concoction that is battling itself inside a box you’re also in.

There is a hefty price model to factor in, but I do want to try to work in the ability to at least afford a chunk I can tolerate and the Moisturize 911 body creme, because soap that doesn’t make me itch, and lotion that cures my dry skin, is a godsend. In the long run, they could help me live a more healthy, less itchy life—and with allergies, I have to compromise.

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I like how the samples are shaped in a way that a simple envelope can be used instead of a box (less waste, yay). It’s cool how all of these products have some sort of fragrance in it but it can be a bit irritating if it’s just too much. I’m glad to hear that this soap didn’t make you itchy at the end! The face mask sounds a bit troublesome with having to turn off the water to wait out the mask. Natural products are the best! Hope the price won’t be an issue in the near future :).

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The fragrances of the products are unique and refreshing; they pair nicely together instead of turning into this horrendously overwhelming concoction that is battling itself inside a box you’re also in.

Ahhh I really don’t like strong smells! I recently got some berry-scented lotion for Christmas and boooooy is it strong. I walk out of the room and it’s literally like “you smell nice” ?

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I don’t like those, either. ? I prefer scents that aren’t super overwhelming, filling up the whole room. Sometimes, I do like lingering scents like that, but…ugh, I like the scent—not the lingering effect. ??

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