College isn’t what I expected it to be. TV does not depict how college really is:

  1. You’re not treated like a teenager; you’re treated like an adult.
  2. There are no bells that tell you class begins and/or ends.
  3. You get to create your own schedule, choose your own teachers and don’t have to go everyday of the week.
  4. Not everyone talks about partying, if anyone talks about it at all.
  5. Not all students are young – actually, I felt like the minority on Wednesday.

I didn’t expect to like it, but I do.

My mom is going online – two classes – and, for Composition & Rhetorical (English), she has already received a deadline for her first essay! From what I see so far, I think that online is – not only at your own pace – but more difficult and punctual. Sure, you can go at your own pace, but you have less freedom than what you would have inside a classroom. Make sense?

I’m thinking of creating a subdomain for my new “Tumblr” account, but instead of using Tumblr I will use WordPress. I found a theme that I like that I can use to make a WP blog look like a Tumblr page. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. πŸ™‚

I created a new Twitter account, but for quotes. I decided it was for the best – I can retweet as much as I want and not spam my friends! πŸ™‚ @LifeIsQuoted is me. :love:

My least favorite class so far is Speech. Yes, it seems like a lot of fun, but Cherie – Mrs. Henson – is one of those pushy teachers. I told my mom, and she just smiled and replied, “Yep! That’s Cherie for ya!”

You know the teachers that knows you – and knew you – outside of school first?? Yep, that’s right! They know you’re shy and quiet in a crowd, and not as talkative with people you don’t know, so they’re going to “pick” on you, and make sure you fit right in! D: Ahhh. That’s what I call a pushy teacher. πŸ™

But she’s really nice, so I’m going to give her a chance as a teacher. πŸ˜‰ Her classroom is her “playground”, if you were wondering where the title came from. 6birds is my playground. <3

I only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 am to 12:05 pm. πŸ˜€ I’m a Monday person, so hopefully Mondays will continue to go well for me? πŸ˜›

P.S. My thoughts on college several years after having attended it are different. I now practice uncollege.

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The moves are just wrong about everything, aren’t they? I’ve seen questions like, “Is college really a lot of sex escapades occasionally interrupted by classes?” asked on the Internet. And frankly, college is probably the opposite.

I like this new theme. It’s prettyfuls.

College must be our University, I think? But ‘College’ sounds pretty awesome to be honest! xD I’d trade that for my crappy school any day.

No it’s okay, and yeah I have the custom smilies plug-in now. πŸ™‚ Yeah it was me that asked. ^^

Yup, I created this theme myself. I wouldn’t same I’m talented compared to other websites I look at, the big names like Innocense and AestheticIntoxication and Heartdrops.

I’m not exactly new to wordpress, I’ve used it before in the past, I’m just new to converting my PHP layouts into WP themes. That part always confused me. πŸ˜›

hahaha lol thank you sabby!! Mr. Acorn says “hi there.” πŸ™‚
Mine is due on tuesday, so i’m hoping to writing it all today and type it tomorrow.

I won’t quit on you, i find it impossible to just abandon a lot of people just because i feel like it. Besides hosting people is my job, it’s how i make cash so i’m not going anywhere lol. Your files can be moved, without any issue. Although when we start moving everything, I’d recommend not updating your site till it’s done because any new change during a server move doesn’t show up in the new server.

I freaking love this layout!!! πŸ˜€
College will be hard for me, but i am so ready for it. I’m just waiting to get out of high school. Some people just can’t wait to party.
Followed you on twitter. πŸ™‚ I’m more of a tuesday person, mondays are just dull for me. I don’t like pushy teachers, nice or not please don’t pick on me. >:|

college sure is different! I liked it so much better although I didnt talk to many people due to my shyness!
Its nice knowing that your all adults and don’t have to worry about ‘young punks’ making classes a drag. It makes learning more fun in a sense.
Online clases are alright, but its hard if you need help because you just talk to your teachers VIA email. I hope your mom does well on her essay πŸ˜€
ugh, teachers suck when they pick on you! it makes it so awkward. 2 classes a week isnt bad, sounds awesome actually! good luck with school, and with the teacher πŸ˜›

Nothing is like the movies=/ Maybe your college is about learning? lol Like I know my local college is a party school. Like if you go to their campus, you can see that they party like every weekend and stuff. Also the campus is close to a city, so there are bars and such. Do you commute? maybe that is why too, that you feel like its different. Maybe it’s not a party school? I do not know. I actually want to feel like an adult. I kind of want to go to college, and experience life.. but I still have about 1.5 years to go. I think taking online classes, like your mom, is hard. I would need so much discipline to not go on FB, my site and tumblr. So your gonna have a tumblr but redirect the URL?

Yea everyone has groups. I bet your are friends with people who are friends with your friends too. I feel like people mold into where they feel comfortable. yes fourms there are cliques.. especially the people that are on it 24/7 lol I get about 50+ unique hits a day, so that is not much but it’s not that bad for a blogging site. I don’t care how many hits the people I talk to have, I talk to everyone πŸ˜€ or at least try too lol.

I never really met a stuck up person online that helped me. Usually I rarely asked people for help, or if I did they were my friends first. lol I usually read tutorials. And that was probably me when I was like 13 online. i thought I was cool. hahahaha I wasn’t. I was just like every normal person. I think the teenage/hormonal years, you think you are better than everyone. and Want to be grown up. psh i was wrong.

Yea, I have midterms and stuff and like SAT from Febuary to March. I try to go on, on Friday’s. That is usually my commenting day lol
and ohh thank you:D

I believe that TV never depicts the truth. They show high school as the best time of your life that’s so much fun, when in reality… (for me at least) it sucks. 😑

I’m excited for college. I hate having seven classes a day, every day of the week. It’s too much and I hate having to take required classes that I don’t want to pursue a career in.

I’m not sure what you mean by everything’s supposed to be linked underneath a comment…? xD

I didn’t go to college in the US, but I can imagine it’s not at all like what it’s portrayed to be in the movies. I agree with Alice, people pay a lot of money to put their children through college. Crazy tuition fees (not the same in Europe, btw)! So at the least students could do is do their best and learn so that parents don’t waste their heard-earned dollars.

I wish you the best of luck in college :D! I heard college is so different :O! Its not only for 18~24 year olds, but anyone that the college accepts :O! It is crazyness! The food there. Either you eat there or eat out. :P. Its like a freedom of learning. I don`t wanna look forward to college cause of the tuition and so D’:

Good luck to your mother as well with her online classes ^__^!

I like WordPress better than Tumblr. For some reason, I feel that I have more “control” over my blog :O!!

I haven`t met a teacher outside of school before :/. The most is… I have met a teacher in the school before I even her him/her :O!

Take care!~ πŸ™‚

I have to agree with your opening line… I expected it to be a lot different to how it is. I mean, the partying and the drinking especially. Just goes to show that TV doesn’t portray much correctly. They “spice it up” to make it more interesting… I mean, would you really wanna watch a class of mature teens as well as mature students actually studying? Haha.

I don’t really understand your tumblr/wordpress subdomain idea. Are you making a site with wordpress with the intention to use it as a tumblr? I think it’d just be easier for you to make a tumblr ^_^ That way you can reblog things you like too.

This definitely proves that what you see on television isn’t always the truth.. This is one reason I do not was television. I am pretty sure we kinda went into this via txt message once. When I used to live with Chelsea in her dorm room for like six months. I guess that place was a lot different from the school you go to. I basically lived in the girls dorm, and those girls were really crazy. Yea they did their fair share of studying, but geez they drank a lot. They would get torn up and then push each other on the wheel bases that those trash cans sit on. Was always fun to open the suite door and a drunk blond go riding by really fast. I definitely miss those days. It’s all what you make of it though. A lot of folks go strictly to learn whereas others go to learn, to have fun doing it. If you can manage to do both. Well more power to ya I guess. Honestly though, If I am to go to college and I have to pay a load of money, I wanna be in the class room as much as humanly possible getting my education while also getting my dollars worth.

Haha I never believe what I see on TV about college … I’d rather listen to my friends stories! You only have 8 hours of class a week? Wow, my friend has 27!! Which is what I shall be looking forward to next year because I’m doing almost the same thing as her, in the same school.

I actually like the quotes you retweet though, but I guess if you do too many it floods people’s twitter pages. Then again I think you should keep retweeting a few on your main account.

So then you’ll be married very soon haha! You’re 19 I think? Lol I don’t want to be married anytime soon … I told myself I’m not getting in a relationship until I’m 22. So marriage probably not until 30. Yeah I heard about dangers of having kids late, but sometimes I’m not even sure if I want kids.

Ohhhh I see, so she’s going back to get a degree now. That’s what I like about college, you can start whenever you want. Like I’m starting a year later than my friends. =)

My mom says the only way I qualify for student loans is if I get a real job, which I won’t have time for when I start college. My family’s income prevents me from getting loans or something.