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I figured you guys deserved to have another blog post to read since it’s been a while. I haven’t really stayed on a routine with my blogging lately, and I’ve been too busy with something else to return many comments (plus each time I do return them, I get more). I’ve also been on Tumblr, kind of using it like Twitter, making some friends on there. Sort of. I don’t know if they’re considered friends. But I like to talk to them, they’re really nice and they don’t really judge me, so…

Plus, the WordPress Dashboard has looked the same for what seems like a year now. I know I doubted I’d like this look of the thing, but I do. I grew into it, I guess. Some pieces of it still annoy me, though. I just need something a little different.

I haven’t been straightening my hair here as much as I did at Mimi’s. Weird, right? If I didn’t straighten my hair at Mimi’s, she’d assume that anytime I could go without straightening my hair, and it would look just as great. She has thin hair, though, and she doesn’t understand that I like to have my hair my way – and I dislike being told how I should wear it. It goes way back, but it’s seriously the only thing I’ve ever really been able to control on my body (aside from the self-harm, but that’s not important right now) growing up, so it has stuck with me. I have to feel pretty to actually feel like being seen. If I don’t feel pretty, I don’t want to be seen. It’s a rather complicated matter, so I just always straightened my hair and groveled each and every time she told me how she thought my hair should be. Grandmama doesn’t really comment on it. Honestly, it’s really nice and relieving and refreshing.

Projects I’ve got going

  • Dashes TCG – I recently learned how to make cards via the “sheet method”, where you make them altogether and then SLICE. All you have to do afterward is rename them, and that isn’t difficult to do at all! Erica also mentioned her Dashes obsession on her blog. You can view the randomizer here, but don’t get scared/turned off at the missing images below the special header. I don’t use the randomizer for different numbers of images in a deck, and those decks are currently incomplete and still being built because they are member made decks.
  • Hope Fades – This one is kind of on hold for now, but it’s still a huge work in progress.
  • Spree TCG – A shopping TCG. I know – I dislike shopping! But the card template, and the concept, and… No link, sorry! XD I am in the process of adopting this TCG, and I really hope that everything gets finalized soon, because it was a blast playing last year! Someone was going to bring it back, but things change. So, guess who remembered it still existed and contacted the original person? <3

I don’t know if she’ll let me keep the cards that have already been made or not, though. I’m prepared for either one. The card template is a sure thing, though. :3

So yeah, I just had to brag about that. It’s really exciting.

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Comments on this post

Aww the TCGs look beautifu – and remind me of the old bloggers stuff that we used to have. Trading cards, adoptable pixel items..

That is really neat. All your projects are really good ideas and I honestly love your hope project. I would love to learn more about it and I cannot wait to see it complete!

Lately I have not been straightening my hair either. I use to do it every other day, but now I just do it once a week or sometimes twice. It just takes so much time. But I am the same way, if I do not feel like I’m pretty or whatever, I just stay in my room as much as possible to avoid having other people look at me. :/

Does Mimi think that people can only have one hairdo per given period of time? What’s wrong with having it straighter on some days than others? There are many outfits that look better with straighter hair than other outfits. In my case, sometimes my hair is tied back, and other times, it’s just left down.

I’m not into TCGs, but I’m glad that you’ve found something that you really enjoy to pass your days by. 😀

No, she thinks I should appreciate my curly hair and “be thankful” that I have it. See, I always straightened it when I was at her house. I go some days without straightening it here because if I want it curly because I ‘like how it looks’, then I can without someone telling me they want me to wear it in said way all of they time.