Prepping for This Week

My mom and Lard are going away [for the week] on Tuesday night and will be in Florida from Wednesday until Friday. Er, they’re coming back Friday. Anyway, you get the picture.

My mom wants her house cleaned, so we have been cleaning the house. Mimi will be watching the kids over here this week, and tomorrow and Tuesday she is skipping work to clean her entire house. I’m going to go over there to straighten up my room, and then that will be done with. Hopefully it won’t be so humid over there. She never turns on the air anymore, and she has been opening my window.[1. This is the problem I have with the window being open in my room.]

Anyway, I’m pretty much moving back in with my mom. I’ll be staying in Carrie’s room. Mimi’s most likely going to Bebe’s house, like she’d mentioned already.[2. It was sometime after this happened.] Or she could be moving. I don’t know if I mentioned that my mom an I found a paper with a realtor’s picture and a house with information on it that’s in Edgewood on my blog somewhere or not… I don’t really care; I haven’t been blogging about a lot of things. You shouldn’t be surprised if I go on hiatus in the near future. I guess I could until July, you know? When I plan to post everyday… But even then, that’s still quite iffy. So, Mimi could possibly move in with Tommy – or even more somewhere with Tommy. And not necessarily to Bebe’s. Ugh. I think she is. I think she is going to be moving in with him.

Anyway, Isaac is dreading Mimi coming over and staying over and watching him and the rest of the kids. Ha. Poor Isaac. 🙁

“Sarah, last time she watched us, she got us up at 5am!” Isaac whispered this to me. She likes to get up early. She also goes to bed anytime between 6pm and 8pm. She eats dinner between 4:30pm and 5pm, and anytime after 5:30pm is simply too late for her. Heh. Isaac’s going to want to die. Poor thing. It isn’t that long, anyway.

The kids want to play school. Ugh. I gave Isaac a teaching position, and he is taking it all out of proportion and getting serious. Personally? I’m getting annoyed with all of this “Let’s play school!” and “Can we play school now?” and “I want to play school!” mess. But I did promise Carrie and Pat, and so I’m sticking to that promise.

I don’t want to be a teacher full-time, anymore, in case you didn’t get to read the entry. I would rather go into design and such, so I can do something arty. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still teach. Or that I can’t post school things on here. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll start a meme for “summer fun reviews”, which is basically what I’m doing with the kids. Carrie’s teacher, Mrs. Ragland, is retiring this year. She has sent Carrie home with a lot of learning utilities, and I’m using that to review Carrie and Patrick. For example, Carrie read today for “reading class”, and she did pretty well. The words in the reading comprehension worksheet were words she should already know because they were her sight words. is a pretty awesome website. 😉

I’ll give you all a close insight to how I’m doing this “playing school” thing as it progresses. So far, they are enjoying it, though. 😛

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Aw Cody sounds really cute!
I used to love playing school as well, but with my dolls lol, and I was always the teacher.

haha. Cody’s my 13 year old bro. We’re both “playing school” with Mary (7) and Chris (almost 9). 😛

umm… just wanted to tell you that your dog is so cute ….