Randomish facts about me

Because #forfun, and also because I’m trying to stay consistent despite the impending holidays. :p

  1. Dance Moms reminds me of when I was in competitive dance (circa second grade). I’d joined this Little League Drill Team activity/thing, and we were the “Tigerettes”. If I ever find a picture, I’ll share it. :p We performed at Little League football games, and I was always, like, bragging about my dancing on the bus ’cause there was this cute boy named Dylan, and his friends thought it was so cool a drill team member rode their bus. (There were cheerleaders, but the Tigerettes were the ones who performed at games.) We went to competitions to prepare for nationals—I never got any solos, but I have a Group Dance trophy somewhere—and now I watch episode after episode of Dance Moms, hoping to God these kids don’t grow up to have intense insecurities after being compared to one another. I think this is what irony is?
    (All competitions [and games] were within close proximity of Wills Point, though.)
    I remember when I got upset for my dance coach pulling our dance because 1) it was cold and she hadn’t told us to bring our wind suits, and 2) I really wanted to dance. Like, I was pissed.
    (In trying to find some record of this online (circa 1998-99), I stumbled upon what might be my former coach’s LinkedIn profile.)
  2. I have a hard time reading text in serif, calligraphy and cursive fonts. Roboto’s my most favorite one, because the characters are thin and don’t have unexpected characters. Droid Serif is the only serif font I’ve found I don’t struggle with too much, but otherwise…meh. I’m not dyslexic, but I do do well with the “Open Dyslexia” font. c:
  3. I have a thing for white chocolate, but don’t know why. It has a different taste from “regular” chocolate. I can’t eat too much of, though, because I’ll get annoyed. I really favor dark chocolate, especially when it’s paired with mint. My end-of-the-year goal is to create an allergen-friendly SunButter Cup, because the SunCups aren’t totally allergy-friendly and the cost of two of them is too much for the aftermath of eating them. Also, I made peanut butter Reese’s cupcakes in high school for a senior camp-out with my church youth group, and they were a hit—and I’d really love to have a nut-free version I can enjoy, because that is what I think of when I think of peanut butter and the things I’m missing out on.
  4. I really like the “or” sound. It makes echolalia a blast.
  5. My latest blog/woman crush = Melissa Cassera. She’s a screenwriter and publicist, and so many other related things, and connects television and pop culture—two of my favorite things—with marketing in a way that is actually understandable and personable, instead of being like, “Don’t ever do this, because ____,” or all, “You NEED to ____.” Instead, she’s all about amplifying one’s personality and manipulating content to fit into current trends, and I am on Page 4 of her blog.
  6. The domain I registered that sounds like porn = janeafterdark.com. (Please don’t judge me too harshly.)

For funsies, if you wanna, what are 6 random facts about you?

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Comments on this post

You say you have trouble reading serif fonts. Is the font on my blog difficult for you to read?

I can read Georgia alright. 🙂 Before Droid Serif came along, I used Georgia when I wanted to use a serif font. XD

I meant to comment your award post that had me tagged, but then I got sidetracked on my allergy/lifestyle blog project change. :s I will soon, though. c:

I never knew you did competitive dance! So did I for years. I started when I was 4 and danced until I was 18 when I went off to college. It was so much fun. I did it at a private studio though, not through school. We used to practice in the halls and stuff. Oh, adolescence. 😛 Dark chocolate = love. If you perfect that SB cup (which I know you will because you are a food goddess), please send me the recipe! <3<3

That’s so cool! I wanted to do more dance stuff, but lard = soccer zealot, so I had to do soccer the next year, because that was the deal we made? But I love dance. :s I actually found a studio that offers adult dance classes nearby, so when I’m comfortable with driving again…:)

I will definitely send you the recipe! It will likely be before I post it, mostly because I decided to attach a story to each of my recipe posts, where possible, and those take a bit to write? XD (But also because I feel like you’re my SunButter partner in crime.) Speaking of SunButter, they’re having a sweepstakes on their site. <3