run, run away

I’m ready for summer to be over. The ants, the weird looking bugs, the dramatic overlays of exhaustion

I feel like this was the longest summer of my entire life, and I guess the drama with Mimi and her boyfriend, Tommy, had a lot to do with it. Everything was different this summer. It was horrible, actually. Sure, it had its perks, but other than that everything was just too aggravating, frustrating and stressful.

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I think I’m just really sick of the heat. I don’t do well past 80 degrees because I can’t choose the good outfits then … I really don’t wanna go outside in a teeshirt and shorts.

I heard about the drought in Texas .. you’re from Texas if I’m correct. It’s really a horrible summer in terms of heat everywhere in the states except the west coast. =/

Oh. :X

Winter is the best. I love being cold. :B

Maybe that’s just what your mum needs though? You can only try and see how it goes anyway. 🙂

Aww that’s sweet of you. 🙂 My friends suck, I wouldn’t do that for them haha.

I hate summer and can’t wait for it to be over. It’s the worst season of the year seriously, I love winter! We’ve barely had a summer though, it just rains all the time.

Sorry things have been bad for you lately. 🙁 I hope things get better though!

my summer’s just like yours, but still it’s fun 🙂

No, I’m pretty sure it isn’t “just like mine”. o.o…

I have to agree that I am ready for summer to be over as well! But only because I am bored out of my mind, ahaha. I don’t mind the other things as much xp Luckily my summer ends on August 15th!

I’m sorry this summer was so bad for you 🙁 I hope things get better and it doesn’t continue! Drama is never, ever fun, and more often than not, it’s completely unnecessary. Sigh.

Oh my gosh I feel the same way. Only problem for me is I don’t have anything to change at the end of the summer. I work all summer, fall, winter, spring. It’s a monotonous cycle broken up occasionally by drama and trips to other countries. Right now it’s a pretty ‘blah’ part of the summer, though. I have my Toronto trip this weekend to cheer me up, but really that’s it. >>

Haha, well… Now I’m wanting to actually “run, run away”. :/

hugs Sometimes I have felt like running away but I can’t. I hope that you go back to school and this won’t bother you while you’re there. I am also ready for this break to be over, because I just need to do things to get away and keep things off my mind.

You’re gonna be alright. 🙂 And I’m glad you’re not lying to yourself – it was horrible, then it was horrible. But it’ll get better. <3