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Greys and blues are my mood right now. Funny thing, is it not? I am no longer feeling the reds and greys. 6birds is now spelled out. Three fonts. Other minor changes to Georgina’s theme yet again.

I have 22 comments to return. Is that sad? But I have been busy. I joined an RPG to help with my writer’s block on a few of my stories I am trying to intertwine into a novel (or just a super-long prose piece). It has a 300-400 word requirement, and that is the minimum. It is a challenge, but I like it.

I want to learn how to make my links do that fading thing. Any hints? I wouldn’t overdo it. 😉

To be honest, blogging everyday is making this month slow. However, when it’s over, it’s over. There is not going back. I don’t understand why many people are going around and posting all of this “Wake me up when September ends…” nonsense. Yes, it is most definitely nonsense. It is just a song; it is just a month.

Anyway. New theme. Yeah. Okay. Cool right? I guess so. I know I’ve changed it yet again – don’t remind me.

Forest fires. Lovely. Closest one is a ranch.

My mom said that it’s from people being stupid – throwing cigarettes out the window, cooking on the grill, etc. So basically carelessness, right? Yeah, I can believe that. This mess is so bad some people are being evacuated.

Fire Name: Livingston-860
County: Polk
Start Date: 09/07/2011
Acres: 2
Percent Contained: 100%

That is burning right as I type.

If you’d like to look at these yourself, you can view them here. Click the little fire symbols on the map. Zoom in, zoom out – whatever you’d like.

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I haven’t seen any blog use that tittle actually. haha I used a song title too this time. “August is Over” by We The Kings. Yeah, I’m unoriginal like that. /thumbsdown

I’m sorry to hear about the fires! People need to STOP being careless! /tear

Cute new theme. 🙂

I think it’s depressing to go on about September being… well… depressing. I like to look at each new month as a whole new exciting adventure – not something to just be gotten over with.

The whole fire thing is really scary. People are so careless. 🙁

I feel like it’s almost October. But then I looked at a calendar and realized it is not. Time is weird.

You need two things for a big wildfire: a dry environment, and something to start a fire, in a more moist environment, the fire wouldn’t have spread so far, and would have been much more contained. Also, it’s hard to say how the fires started. Sometimes, it’s people being careless. Sometimes it’s a lightening strike without rain. I hope that the fires are stopped soon. At this point, that’s what matters most.

For fading links, you’ll be doing some Javascript/jQuery. Tutorial here:

Thank you for the tutorial!

The fires haven’t stopped, but I haven’t been able to watch them recently, either. Blah.

I like the simple theme!

Wow! That’s a lot of forest fires for one area. It’s always someone doing something stupid.