Saturday Six #2

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The lack of a laptop has forced me to be creative.

I print out resourceful blog posts to read when I’m on Grandmama’s desktop, so I’m not spending forever on the same page I could read later, and I heart Twitter posts containing links I wanna include in my link love post.

I’m starting to fear it’ll be a while before I can get a replacement laptop, but at this rate I think even a tablet will do in the meantime, even if it means I won’t have access to my hard drive until I get a new laptop. Because typing on a phone? There’s only so much I can do and only so much space for typing until I’m experiencing a headache and my carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up. And writing on the desktop in my grandmother’s room is great for right now, but also uncomfortable. I write much better when I’m in my room, my own comfort zone. I just don’t write with my hands well for long things, because carpal tunnel syndrome sucks. If I’m not careful, pushing my hands to write will just result in a swollen wrist, and that’s no fun. ?

Anyway, the links for today!

A tweet for PCOS Awareness Month:

Georgie’s doing a stepping thing at her work for cerebral palsy and raising money for her team, who is trying to raise $500 to help make the world more accessible for kids with CP.

For a promotional campaign, travel site Momondo put 67 people from around the world into a room and recorded their thoughts and biases about other nationalities and countries, respectively. Then, they had them spit into a tube for a DNA test. A couple weeks later, people cried hard.

The word “hustle” has been on my shit list for over a year. I’m glad someone in the blog-biz industry is finally speaking out against it.~

If you want to connect with like-minded people in your area, create a meetup! I want to create a blog-related one, because the blog meetups in the DFW area tend to be cliquey and seem to enjoy hosting expensive meetup events, and forget about accessibility.

Lastly, this woman’s reason for not wanting her son to learn to read is one reason I don’t want to bring more children into this world and want to adopt.

ICYMI: Georgie designed a new theme for my blog, and I made a fun survey.

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I hope you can get a new laptop or tablet. I feel so… disconnected when I don’t have an actual computer to work on various things. I am also not a big fan of typing on my phone and trying to do that for a lot of content would be really difficult.

Hope you’ll get a new laptop soon! Good that you’re making do with what you have – it’s a good temporary alternative :). I’m glad to hear that Georgie is taking action to raise money for CP. It’s amazing to see what people are doing to help others in the world ♥.

Wow, that video with people giving their opinions about other nationalities and finding out what they really are is pretty touching. Especially with two people finding out they’re cousins without knowing about it beforehand! We ARE closer than what we think.

I’d like to go to a blogger’s meetup some day. I just need to take that initiative to find one (some day) :)!

Thanks for sharing!

I really hope you will be able to buy a new computer soon so it would be easier for you to type. If you’re having hard time typing from you phone, just use the microphone wrong the keyboard and it will automatically type your spoken words. I think it would save you a lot of time and your hands won’t hurt so much.

I will definitely check all the links later. I read only the article about hustle hard and I totally agree with her. I loved the quote at the beginning of the article and I think she found the perfect quote to describe our society. People should understand that in life there are more important things than money and expensive objects. It’s sad that our society ended up here 🙁