September 2016 recap

September was…quite a month. I’m honestly just really glad it’s over.

Highlights of September

Random thing not worthy of a subheading: I read two books. ?

I still don’t have a laptop. ?

I’ve received subtle comments about how I should “just buy a new one”, or whatever, so this needs to be said: I have other priorities, like my cell phone and food, so just buying a new one despite whatever financial situation I am in is most unwise to me. I keep considering buying a 2-in-1, even if it’s more like a tablet, so I can at least have a laptop that works and is mine…because I am most creative when in the comfort of my own room. ?

But if my other priorities mean I have to wait a bit longer for a laptop, then so be it. I’m not complaining when I refer to my laptop most of the time; stop taking me so seriously—I don’t even take myself that seriously. ?

I hurt my ankles more. ??

My bookshelf needed to get to the other side of the room. So, why not try to move it myself? My logic was that the space to move it was limited, as a lot of my things were in the floor, even though I’d cleared a path. I figured it’d be easier for me to pull the bookshelf around my bed to the other side, so…I tried it. I remember hearing something crack in one foot and feeling something start to ache in the other, but I was already having issues lately, so I dismissed it. ???

See, when most people think, “Oh, I hurt/pulled something recently, so I better not try to stress it,” I think, “What is more stress gonna do if it’s already stressed?”

I’ll learn eventually.

I told Grandmama I’m always giving her a hard time for hurting herself whilst moving things without my help, yet I’m doing the same thing. ?

That “I’ll-just-do-it-myself” stubbornness runs in the family.

Todd died. ?

Todd rubbing his right ear against my left knee on an old patio
Todd rubbing his ear against my knee, featuring my old phone. (Thanksgiving 2013)

So not a “highlight”, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

October tidbits

I added to my archives page my posts depend a lot on my current special interests. My current ones are metablog-like, so I will probably have some of those posts up this month (depends).

We’ll harvest the okra a few more times, but will then have to pull them up. ? I keep forgetting about them, and the mosquitoes and my hurt ankles really complicated things for me.

My interview series debuts the sixth—I’m really excited. ?☺

This month has lots of birthdays…plus a wedding (and then next month is another wedding). I guess I should take my black dress out of the garage sale clothes and hang onto it…ugh, dresses. ???

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Comments on this post

Even though you don’t have a laptop, you’re doing great with finding alternatives to keep your blog fueled with posts :D. Ouch, hope your ankle feels better soon. I usually have those kinds of accidents when it comes to moving around heavy stuff @__@.

I’m sorry about Todd :'(. Losing a beloved pet is always hard but I think the happiness we gain from them makes up for the pain. I try to live off of that feeling to keep myself going with my cats.

Buy a laptop when you can, and I hope you’ll like what you end up choosing 🙂

And ouch! I hope your ankles feel better soon. I remember hurting my knee, and it was the most miserable thing I’d experienced.

Again, I’m so sorry for your loss 🙁 Losing a beloved pet is never easy.

I hope October will be a good month for you 🙂 I’m curious about this interview series of yours now!