Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

When Stephanie started this on her blog, it made me want to do it. I’m just now finding the actual writing want to do it. I’ll most likely struggle to find most of the “answers” to this meme, but I want to challenge myself. I mean, hello! College is about a month away, and I need to focus my brain all over again!

  1. I take great pride in straightening my hair.

    It isn’t because I don’t think I could look nice without straightening it. Straightening my hair is just something I can control for at least two or three hours no matter how the day goes. It’s something I can control about me. It’s just something I enjoy doing, and I don’t want to give it up. I doubt I ever will. I just like the way I look. It makes me feel cute and lovely versus the icky feeling I get when my hair is not straight.

  2. I’m progressing in design everyday, and I love it.

    I don’t really care if others don’t think so, because to me I’m doing just fine. I know I’m not perfect, but I recently learned how to do rounded corners in CSS, and I think it’s awesome! 😛

  3. I love arts and crafts.

    I really do. In my family, I’m the artsy one. I’m really creative. I haven’t sketched in a long time, but I’m also really good at that, too. Of course, not right now… But in time, I’m pretty great. I love drawing stills and things… Cornucopias, pumpkins – I can draw these quite well! I’d love to get back into this… I just need to find my sketchpad! 😛 …and my Prismacolor utensils!

  4. I love looking at myself in the mirror sometimes because I’m so proud of how I look at that time!

    I mean, I don’t always feel like I look alright, you know? It’s just that, whenever I notice that I look pretty darn grand even once in one day, NOTHING can bring that day down because I’ll still look fabulous[2. Unless something like this happens again…].

  5. Naming the details is just my forte – something that happens to drive the people surrounding me nuts.

    But I’m quite wonderful at it, and I think that this is because I love to write so much. Or maybe it’s because of how much I’ve written throughout my life? In writing you have to list the details. Details aren’t horrible. I think that the world needs more details in the clouds.

  6. Mathematics is another forte

    even though I have changed my major/plans for becoming a math teacher[3. I didn’t blog about this, but I will later on. Fell free to subscribe to avoid missing out on it!]. I don’t think I’ll be selling my first college [algebra] math book anytime soon. It’s the first math book I’ve ever gotten to both use and keep[4. Yeah, I’m crazy; we’ve established this.].

  7. I’m confident and comfortable in my body.

    I still want to continue working on getting into shape and tonight[5. EDIT 6 October 2011: I think I meant toning here… Whoops.] my legs and my thighs and such, but deep down, I’m pretty comfortable with myself. Whenever Cody insults me and I say, “Thank you,” it ticks him off so much because it doesn’t bother me. Why should it? Why should I continue to let him get what he wants and hurt me like he does? Why should I let it get to me when I’m already comfortable? I’m happy he doesn’t find me pretty, because that would mean he’s that much closer to being attracted to me, and that would be pretty grody.

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[…] Seven Deadly Sins: Pride […]

I love arts and crafts, too. I draw almost every single day, and whenever a complicated crafts project comes to mind, I can’t wait to start on it. I’m trying to get back into origami right now and make one of those super-detailed koi fishes.

People are always insulting me (though most of the time its playful insulting) about my appearances and weight. It’s true that I’m chubby and short, and I think I complain about being short every week, but when someone calls me ugly, I usually say thanks or “Yeah, I know.” The person usually stops talking after that or goes on to a random topic…

I love how you tick off your brother just by accepting his insults. XD


I used to do origami! We had learned about it school, and I literally had all of this square paper my mom had bought for me once just for origami. I had a book on it, too, and I would have those little paper cranes and such all over my bedroom. That was when we lived in San Antonio… I totally forgot how to do it all, heh. I don’t know what a koi fish is, though. 😛

Right??!! He just gets so annoyed, and Tony even tells me how annoying it is. I just shrug and roll my eyes as if it’s nothing. That’s my “come back”, and it works because it just ticks him off and gets him to complain about it for a little while, then he just gives up. I mean, what else am I supposed to do? Get offended? I don’t think my mom cares what I do. I also ignore him, and Cody despises that, too. I don’t think Tony has said anything about that yet? Meh. I don’t really even care what he thinks about it. Cody shouldn’t have insulted me in the first place — especially since he just gets annoyed at my response in the end.

Later on, I may blog about THE BEST insult I’ve ever thrown back at him. Er, not really even an insult. He just pushed me that far. “Yeah? Well, you’re just here because mom doesn’t believe in having abortions.” Yep. Best night of my life. I haven’t been able to come up with a greater one since then — aside from the ignoring and the “thank you”, of course! 😛

You should totally just keep doing that to your little brother. He’ll stop bothering you soon. Being confident and comfortable in your body just makes you so much more confident in many other ways.

I do continue to make him angry… It’s quite hilarious, to be honest 😉