Shooting Star

I saw my first shooting star last night on the way home. At first I thought it was an airplane falling from the sky or something, but it disappeared. It was really cool, because people always talk about seeing them – and I always miss it. It happens so fast. Once you see it, it will soon disappear.[1. Of course I do know that they may not really be stars, but so what?]

Shooting (or falling) stars are like chances. Sometimes you only get one, so whatever decision you make about the chance has to be your final answer – you probably won’t get to change it later on.

Speaking of chances, I signed up for eHarmony. Crazy, no? It’s not that I’m actually looking for a ‘match’, it’s more like a friend or two… Or something. And I even have the paid subscription – for six months. In August the subscription will end, and I suppose I’ll choose to either discontinue or continue said subscription from there. They were having it at a special price, so I decided to go ahead and take advantage. I desperately need friends here. Or nearby.

I’m also going to be making some changes to myself. Because maybe I’m unhappy because I’m not happy with myself. Hey, I’m even thinking of dying my precious chestnut/auburn hair with natural red highlights to actually be redder. I don’t feel pretty at all. People can tell me they ‘love my smile’, ‘love seeing my smile’, that I’m ‘pretty’, etc. – but that does nothing for me but make me feel conceded upon saying ‘thank you’ for their compliment. And I don’t even believe them when they say it, either.[2. I have a few customers who say these things. Especially the elderly man. He’s the sweetest, and he always remembers me. He honestly always makes my day. However, I’ve never actually checked him out. :P]

As far as work goes, well…

  • transfer to Canton Walmart somehow
  • make enough money with AVON (or the same amount as I am now) to be able to quit my ‘office’ job

Now if I can just finish this FAFSA application…

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