Sister on Strike

I am on a semi-sister strike. My siblings treat me like nothing: hanger throwing, bad mouthing, foot stomping. The bad thing is that I have not done anything aside from not letting them do 100 percent of what they want to do, even if it is of danger to them!

It is not like I am going to make them do something that could harm them.

For example, Patrick said he did not have homework, so I asked him to go find a book, and then bring it into the game room so I could listen to him and help him. He gave me an angry, pouting face, and then mumbled some rude and hateful comments that I will just … keep to myself.

Anyway, he apparently hates it when I watch him because I make him do his homework when he gets home.

My siblings (Isaac, Patrick, Carrie) arrived home a little over an hour ago. Pat is currently writing his spelling words three times each (he only has 20 words), and then I am going to quiz him on them. That’s another thing he “hates” about me – I never go in order when I quiz them on their words and such. If it’s spelling, why should I go in order? A spelling test determines whether you can spell the word, not if you can memorize the list!

Carrie threw a fit because I would not let her play and such before doing her homework (she has a lot of makeup work since she missed four days last week). Then she pulled the I-don’t-feel-good tantrum and began throwing various objects at me.

I am at a crossroads when it comes to fights and spats like these with my siblings. There are always two main points:

  1. If I call Mimi and tell her I am having trouble, they win.
  2. If I try to handle it myself, they tell me they hate me, things I am talking about in this post and much more.

I love them a lot, but it’s getting crazy. I know my mom hates the word “brat” and calling children brats, but that is how they are acting…

Then I’m told that, if I would let them to do whatever they wanted to do, they would love me and be nice to me.

Other reasons they are mad at me:

  • I won’t let them eat as many snacks as they want.
  • I won’t let them eat every single sweet food in the house.
  • I won’t let them go outside/play on the computer/etc. if:
    a.) their homework isn’t complete and/or
    b.) they do not listen to me.
  • I put them in time out (for five minutes) if they don’t listen to me.

Therefore I am going on a semi-sister strike, or something similar to such commitment. (Woo, alliteration!).

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Jeez! I’m sorry that your siblings are being so rude to you. I think that’s awful, since respecting those who are older than you is something that was hammered into my head from birth, lol. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. If homework isn’t done, then they can’t do what they want to do. Too bad! Priorities come first. I’m sure that don’t mean the things that they say. Kids can be rough when they don’t get their way. I wouldn’t take it to heart.


If I was you. I think I would also go on strike. It is always hard be both big sister and “a parent” to your siblings. My brother had to do this at times and he hated it because my sister and I refused to listen to him. It might have been better for him to go on strike and let us fail our tests or get sick from too much candy. He was a lot like you, however, and still kept us in line. I can tell you that now I’m an adult, I did appreciate what he did, but I not sure that will make you feel better:~) Just don’t forget to take care of yourself as well as your siblings!

BTW I like the new look:~)

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that January’s SOTM has ended: Come take a look what you’ve won!

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Good luck!

Mm, this reminds me of my lovely 3rd grade students in my afterschool program. It’s amazing how much they complain about simple worksheets that really only take them like 5 minutes once they put their full attention on them… so ridiculous. (Unfortunately I’d be fired if I went on strike, but so many days I want to do so… so many days…)

I think your strike is a wonderful idea because all you’re doing is trying to help and they shouldn’t be getting mad. Whenever I study for a quiz, i never go in order because the quiz won’t be in that order so it’s good to mix it up.

You’re such a good sister. 🙂 I know it might be stressful taking care of younger siblings but I’m sure they’ll grow up and one day appreciate that you took care of them and instilled some GOOD habits into them. My mum didn’t let me eat snacks and junk food when I was younger – if so, it was only about once a fortnight. She always fed me good food and made sure I did my homework before playing.

Ahaha silly Chris. You’re totally right though, it’s about spelling, not how well you can memorise the list. If he’s good he doesn’t need to worry about the order. I’m sure he’ll be a whiz in no time~ 🙂

My brother and I are four years apart but I used to help him a fair bit with homework. He used to hit me a lot though, and it was hard to control him. Thank goodness we get along better now. I’m sure your siblings will be easier to control as time goes on. You have such patience, I admire it. <3

In Australia the same thing happens, if a book is in horrible condition when you return it to the library, you'll be asked to pay a fine. Same goes for when you lose the item.

When my friends lend me books I feel bad if I'm not that into the book. I love reading but there are some books that I might not bother reading, knowing there are better ones out there (it's true!). And usually I read library books first. When I borrow books from my friends I know they don't mind if I keep it for a long time because I'll eventually read it and give it back. XD

Now I don't really trust anyone with my stuff and I only lend things to my really close friends. If things are too precious to lend or too expensive to replace in the case of breakage… then I'll just not lend it to anyone. x_x

The question to ask now is if they do this when your mom is watching over them, and what your mom does/lets them do. Because if you are tougher than your mom, then your siblings will resent you, even though you have very good intentions in mind.