Slice of May 2017

This month, I was really anxious. There were some days where my chest hurt from stress. I meant to post this sooner, but life happened and there were things I needed to do last week which took precedence.

Recorded happenings (in no particular order)

  • I read Hag-Seed and Under a Summer Sky
  • I organized a lot of my room.
  • I hit and received my minimum payout from Share-A-Sale (it’s how I pay my phone bill a lot).
  • I planted flower seeds. I also realized my marigolds never bloomed; the yellow flowers in the container are sunflowers, likely from the raw sunflower seeds in the bird feed (it sprouts plants when seeds fall on the ground).
  • I hurt myself a lot this month; really emphasizes my clumsy persona.
  • I met my new cousin! ❤️
  • I had Pei Wei and Yumilicious, and got more bandages at the Dollar Tree. 😂 I go through bandages too much to spend $5 on a measly 50. Friday before the last, I nicked my right middle finger on the underside of a water bottle whilst moving a 20-pack from the cart to the trunk.
  • I had a cold. My nose was still a lil’ raw, and I was sneezing like there’s a ghost made of dust following me everywhere.
  • I started watching Dear White People. As of publishing this, I’ve finished it—and impatiently await a second season.
  • I watched Undecided, a mockumentary about the 2016 Presidential Election. Remember those two guys who trolled the candidates? IT WAS ALL FOR THIS. 😂 It gave perspective and insight to how the media takes things and twists them into “top” stories. Oh, Fox News, how you failed so embarrassingly and got trolled by two actors improvising the shit out of their roles for a movie made up as the election happened. 😬 So glad I dropped journalism when I did (re: when I realized it was less about morals and more about what sells issues). 👍


I steal my prompts from Georgie’s posts because I’m not creative enough to think up my own.

Just before writing this, I was:

Drinking Pepsi and watching Bunheads, even though it was cancelled ages ago. 😖 This is how I torture myself now. 🤷🏻‍

This past month, I achieved:

Been there, wrote that. Look up ⤴️

This past month, I got bored of:

Eating meals I just have to heat up. They don’t taste all that fresh—just dull.

But that’s OK, because I enjoyed:

Falling into reading again and going to bed to clean sheets.

Something that made me happy today:

Bunheads episodes. Because dance and I’m obsessed with Ginny’s arc. Bailey De Young’s one of my favorite actresses; she’s so adorkable.

Something I could’ve done better today:

I could’ve gone to bed at a decent time—to give you a hint, it hasn’t been Sunday long today yet.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Actually cook dinner. I meant to start beans in the crock pot last night, but I totally failed at that.

In June, I’m looking forward to:

Awkward—we’re four days in.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having some to myself and with the laptop—not mine; it’s the replacement for Gmama’s PC and a spare from my uncle.

In June, I’m gonna make the positive change of:

Cooking more. I mean, I kinda have to if I’m gonna survive this month.

One thing on my to-do list is:

Shower—I’m gonna after publishing this.

One happy photo from this month is:

Photo of a sunflower in bloom in a container

After this post, I’m going to:


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[…] Grandmama went to visit family in Oklahoma, so I had almost the whole month of June to myself—which extended to unrestricted laptop access as detailed in my last Slice of post. […]

These monthly posts are such a neat idea but I never remember to do them until it’s too late or I don’t remember my month, haha! May was a blur to me.

I didn’t realize that they made a TV series out of Dear White People. That’s on my to watch list. It’s way too long at this point.

Good luck on the cooking endeavor! I still have yet to master that myself as well. Warming up food is a far cry from a nice fresh pot of anything.

Hope you have a good June!

Congratulations on your new cousin! I haven’t seen any of those shows, in fact I’ve never heard of them. I’ve hurt my fingers/hands on those packs of water many times. I love that photo!

I loved Dear White People, thinking about watching the movie also!