Slice of November 2017

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it

I seldom took photos this month, so I’m not including the “Month in photos” portion like last month’s. It’s also a bit difficult for me to do photos right now, because PicMonkey requires payment before saving photos and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, my typical photo editor, is incompatible with Windows 8+. I’ve used Gimp, but…it’s just not going well. It’s not same at all. Until I can get an SD card for extra storage space on Blue, my options are limited.

There’s also the problem with high-quality photos, I’ve noticed. On my new laptop, they appear scratchy and pixelated even at full-size, while they look fine on other computers and devices. Only when they’re uploaded to a website do they appear to be of their actual quality, so I’m just…flabbergasted. At this rate, this will be my last Windows device unless some life-altering shit happens yet again that requires me to get a new laptop ASAP instead of saving up for one (which is literally the story of my life in owning computers).

Month in entertainment

I’m counting manga because why the hell not.~ I have found more people I know who love manga by talking about it AND IT’S AMAZING OMG.

Month in milestones

  • I participated in NaNoWriMo. Much of my time was spent doing things that motivate and encourage me to write—both in general and inspiration-wise. Then I stopped participating.
  • I met my newest cousin. For privacy purposes, he will be referred to as CoT. If you’re into pronunciations, I’m saying it in my head as “Coh-tea”, similar to “Katie” in a British accent, but with oh instead of ay. He probz won’t be referred to often. Pretty sure his dad thinks my coughing = me being sick, and other times I say I’m sick as such. #ParanoidFirstTimers much? ALSO, IT’S ALLERGIES.
  • I tried (and failed) to create a new theme for Charlise’s blog in a week’s time. (Heh.) It was a good learning experience, though! In the process, I coded a plugin. WordPress plugin development interests me!
  • Thanks to Duolingo, I started practicing Spanish again! I fell behind because of the holidays, but I’m not holding it against me.~
  • The battle for Net Neutrality happens, like, every. bloody. month. I’ve been posting a lot about it on Facebook because I like to surmise most of my readers are technologically advanced to the point of understanding its importance (or at least how the internet works) at this point in time, while those on my friends list can be perceived by the following quote: “Net Neutrality should be repealed because entitled libtards [sic] should have to pay to have their website online.” 🤦‍♀️ Um…I’m not even going to comment on the conjecture that that is, but Facebook is a great example of the necessity of Net Neutrality.
  • Thanksgiving happened. I um…I swallowed my vomit by accident and spent about an hour googling whether it would kill me. I know: you were totally curious, amirite?
  • I caught another cold. Charlise surmised someone arrived sick to the family get-together, and I agree with her.
  • Project Exportia is coming along s l o w l y. My paranoid self is conducting this ish month-by-month and going as far as checking for conflicting post IDs, despite WordPress’s importing much of them as brand new IDs. I’ll share my process once it’s completed. I am manually updating links, categories, tags, etc. and adding a notice that redirects peoples to “Starting anew (or not)”, which I updated before importing. A little info about why I’m importing my old archive is in the post.
  • I failed a lot in my responsibilities during November because of Net Neutrality and the aforesaid project, and I’m having to do a lot of makeup. It’s partially why this post is so late. It’s why my emails were slow this month.

Month in freezing.

I was colder this month than I’ve been before, which surprises me because I’m a chionophile. The cold weather is my love. I’m supposed to be able to live in it comfortably, and yet I’ve had to pile on the covers! Like, what even??

Something that made me happy this month:

I received a “Blogger Box” of stuff to try from a company that is green AF AND THAT IS TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY.

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[…] from studying Spanish and relearning code, I have been studying science and trying to learn it. In school, I had a […]

Have you looked into VSCO? I’ve heard of them allowing people to do some photo editing on their desktop. I am so behind on Supergirl and The Flash!!! I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Flash this season.

Even though you didn’t fully create the new theme for Charlise’s blog, you tried and ended up doing something else that sounds exciting! It’s great that you’re trying to fight for Net Neutrality. It’s unfortunate that we have to seriously combat this sort of thing… Hope you’ll have a great December :).

I’ve heard of VSCO, but only as a mobile—I’ll have to look around to see about using it on my lappy!

I’m about a week behind. I only recently watched the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover for the DC shows on The CW. I’m a whole season.5 behind with Arrow (don’t even get me started on Legends, UGH).

#Truth! The experience of trying also made me realize the importance of practice and how much I’ve fallen out of it.

Hey Jane! I keep coming across your blog from mutual friends we share and blog directories we’re both part of. I hope you don’t mind if I follow you!

I actually took Spanish this semester and rediscovered my love for the language. Unfortunately I only have to have one foreign language for my degree, so I’m not taking anymore. A few of my friends have recommended DuoLingo to me! I plan to check it out! It’s cool that it’s helping you so much with Spanish. Another language is one of the best things you can spend time picking up.

You wrote about Nanowrimo like it was a failure, but the fact that it allowed you to do things that motivated and inspired you to write is super awesome. I think Nano is great in that it does that for writers; even if you don’t finish, the practice, the motivation, the ideas you discovered are all worth the effort. I didn’t participate this year because I worried about it taking away from my focus on school. This was my first semester back and I didn’t know how much of a demand it would be.