Starting anew (or not)

I’ve had a public blog since 2010. I was a month shy of my nineteenth birthday, so adulthood was just beginning. I come from a sheltered childhood full of what you’d find in a Lifetime movie on one of their horror marathons, if all the movies shown in that marathon were one together.

My old posts portrayed this lifestyle well, but now I’m a few hours away from the toxic influences previously investing stock in and over my life.

My previous blog is gone. I’m back here, on 6birds. I’ll be here for a while—or not; it depends on how I feel about this domain. If I start to dislike it, it’ll go.

Sometimes, you just gotta start anew—despite stuff being “forever on the “Internet”.

Edit (updated 10/30/2017):

I made the decision to begin my blog anew late 2012. However, I realized how important my story and voice is in 2017 after watching an episode of Degrassi: Next Class, and began Project Exportia to import blog posts from my archive into, “the encyclopedia of Jane Lawson”. My blog is a blog, but much of its formatting is inspired by that of Wikipedia in terms of linking relevant anchor text (such as years) to existing links within this blog.

As someone who has starting blogging circa fifth/sixth grade and has used the internet for longer, I understand nothing online is ever truly gone. I tried to do this with my story, while still reiterating the importance of it, because I felt ashamed that I had been so weak and didn’t want to give my weakness to the very people who made me so. In doing so, I learned hiding this from myself only added to my baggage and damage, and only fueled my abusive guardians and helped them to justify that I had been a “bad girl” who just needed to be punished for being born.

By hiding from my past and hiding my past from others, I fueled my PTSD and depression and abusers’ power over me while invalidating my experiences. I’ve battled myself for as long as I can remember, but I became my own enemy by denying the very thing that most helped me heal: writing and sharing my story.

P.S. Here’s an official introduction (and another one), long overdue.

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May this fresh start online make a fresh start offline as well! 😀

Starting anew normally helps me motivated – I normally try and start anew by creating a new layout/theme when I return from my hiatuses from blogging 🙂

Good luck! ♥

Yeah, I had a ton of junk on mine, and I just wanted a fresh, clean slate to work with! 🙂

Thanks. <3

Starting anew is always refreshing, and always manages to make me be motivated to post, at least for a while!

I get really attached to my sites & accounts, so it’s always extremely difficult for me to get rid of any of them, even if I stop using them… So they sit around…
Can you download the entries from the separate places in a database/zip format so you can keep it but not have to keep the sites up?

I don’t know how I would be able to see them… The download files come in some .zip format thing with gz I think or .xml. I’m fine with it being in a subdirectory, though. :p Less trouble for now. 😉

@Liza Yeah. It’s more for archival purposes, I think, so you can put them back up when you want to.
But as long as you’ve gotten it figured out, so you don’t have to be managing a lot of different domains that you don’t use. XD

New beginnings are always nice.