My family and members of such are occasionally mentioned in my blog posts. For privacy and security purposes, some of their names have been changed (though it is imperfect due to ancient archives).

I am the oldest of my siblings.

Main key:

  • Dad’s side: his wife, Kim; paternal siblings Ruby (youngest sister) and Ezra (youngest bro); Gmama is my dad’s mom
    • Charlise, cousin; her mom’s name is Charan (aunt); her husband is Brian; Charlise’s kids: Brayden, Remmy, Phoenix, Chevy, Charlie, Solara
    • Kathy: cousin on grandfather’s side who travels a lot; she’s nth-removed (who knows and who cares?)
  • Mom’s side: her husband (nicknamed “lard” in older posts); maternal siblings Isaac (oldest bro), Patrick (“Pat”; bro), Carrie (oldest sister)
    • Mama Lois and Papa Al (deceased great grandmother and great grandfather); Mimi (grandmother); Bebe and Shane (aunt and cousin); Uncle Roddy (uncle)