That’s not possible.

You know those medical forums people go to to talk to others for reassurance?

I don’t fit in there because when I ask questions, I receive what all of the others who actually have that possibility (and maybe even the worry) that they’re pregnant.

I just want to be able to ask ovarian cyst questions for once to people in this country (because I’ve realized the ‘treatment’ or whatever changes in each country medical/money/etc.-wise) without being told I need a pregnancy test.

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Is there a possibility that you might have Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)? I was diagnosed with it two years ago. For months at a time, I would not have my period and I did have problems with ovarian cysts.

I haven’t been tested for it. /: I get my periods 6 times per year, and they’ve been… well, MORE THAN lately that it’s ridiculous. Either way, I’m miserable and can’t really walk or eat or anything because I feel so sick and/or it makes it worse. I already couldn’t walk long distances, and these cysts have given that a whole new meaning of “long distances”, and it sucks.