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I have always struggled to find things to blog about when it actually comes to buckling down and “getting down to business”, but when I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep (or even if I’m sleeping, I’ll literally wake up and write it down/email it to myself via my phone), driving somewhere/riding in a vehicle to some place, in church, at work (for now, that’s a past tense), etc. I’ll think of something oh, so easily! It’s like my best blogging ideas come to my head at literally the worst time – and I don’t even think to write it down at the time or email it to me because I either feel to lazy to do so or I cannot (because I am working [again, past tense for now], or just doing something else more important). However, if I wrote them down then my blogs would probably be more exciting.

Some things I can never remember to blog about:

  1. What’s in my purse (because I’m pretty certain it’s either a] not what you’d expect or b] different from what you carry in yours for the most part, considering the fact that my purse is typically full of random junk)
  2. How I thrive on a schedule (as lame as it sounds, I have to have a list of basic things I need to do daily, and it’s kinda really embarrassing)
  3. Reasons I really want an iPhone (even though I’d most likely break it if I got it :L)
  4. Some DIY projects (that would require me to actually do them myself, too, though)
  5. My cute ideas for cards (even though I suck at actually drawing them :() 
  6. The biggest mistakes people trying to save money do when actually trying to save money (working at Walmart made me realize just how WRONG these people trying to save money are supposedly saving money, if I’m even making any sense at all)
  7. Reasons I am not girlfriend material
  8. My box of memoirs (things I’ve collected over time/the years that may mean something to me or just simply means nothing to me at all)

Probably quite lame, but you know… at least it would be something consisting of actual organized thoughts.

Moving on, I have painted my left hand’s fingernails AVON Blue Escape[1. It has a bit of a shimmer to it; the shade color on the ‘site doesn’t do it justice. Then again, when does it ever? The brochure’s example of said shade looks more realistic.]. I’m right handed, and I tried to paint my right hand’s fingernails and horribly failed. I’ll be attempting to repaint that hand again soon. I need to have them painted by tomorrow. 🙂 It’s a really pretty color – really different and loud – and it’s just an extra change to me that I am making. …My red hair dye shall be in the mail soon, along with my AVON C-10 order. I really can’t wait, and I promise I’ll make a video/take before and after photos for you guys (okay, and for me, too)! 😀

I mean, my hair is already three different colors: warm brown (like a chestnut brown), dark brown (like your average brunette) and red (more like an auburn/a chestnut auburn). I’m really looking forward to bringing out the redness, and I feel like such a change will allow me to feel refreshed. I’m also going to attempt losing weight/getting into shape, even though my friends and family tell me that I’m “really skinny” and “look perfect”. What they think of me doesn’t matter, but what I think of me does, and I currently dislike the way I look on the outside. I hate the way my legs brush against each other (nearest my waist; like my thighs, or whatever). I want to lose that. Each time I try to, I end up failing. It’s like I stopped eating grapes and oranges all of the time, and I gained all that jazz back. What the hell? -.-

Oh, and today Mimi told me that it looks like she’s gonna have to sell this house and the property and us all move to Combine and live in said trailor house (nothing wrong with them, just really unsafe in tornadoes…). There’s supposedly a room available for me there, but I really like my current one – and I really dislike change.

Also, I apparently have a relative in Hawaii on my dad’s side of the fam, so my goal is to somehow save up enough money for a round trip ticket to go there and visit for a bit and to be able to enjoy my time there (shopping, sightseeing, etc. – especially if I can parasail[2. I had the chance to in South Padre Island when I went with a family I nannied for (at the time, I unfortunately did not blog) for free (because they offered to pay for it), but I was too afraid to. Now I regret it, and I hope to someday receive the chance to do it again.]). …Plus it would also allow me to:

  1. blog from another state,
  2. have something different/more interesting to take pictures of, and
  3. …possibly meet cute boys.

But also, before I could ever actually go, I would need to be fully comfortable with my own body and how I look, because I don’t want to spend it feeling insecure, you know? :L

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[…] Anyway, I really want to get away. I’m in the midst of making Hawaii happen. […]

When I get ideas at inconvenient times, I usually just type a small description of my idea on my phone for me to use as a reminder of my train of thought later on. Most of the time I forget about it though, and end up seeing my note about a month later when I already kind of lost whatever I’d been thinking about at the time, and it ends up useless…

What’s even worse is when I’m in the shower and I think of something. When that happens, I try to continuously think about it while I’m showering until I get the chance to write it down somewhere, otherwise the thought just gets completely lost.

I’ve only been into nail polish for like a month, and while I do like nail polish, I am terrible at putting it on. When, by some miracle, I actually do okay at painting my nails, it’s only ever on my left hand. I usually have to redo my right hand over and over again before getting even just a half-decent paint job.

I am generally happy with my body, but I’m actually trying to gain weight somehow. I think I’ve kind of improved in that department in the past year though, but my body used to be comparable to the body of a stick insect. I know a lot of people want to be thinner…but I was just way too thin.

@Clarisse, Oh, my gosh! I get ideas when showering, too! It’s so annoying because I’ll try and try to keep thinking about it until I am finished, but then I’ll just … forget as soon as I step out and/or begin to record such an idea. /hmf

I actually painted my right hand well on the second try. I was so scared I was going to screw up, but I didn’t! Unfortunately, I already screwed up the drying process and so it looks crappy on my right hand.

Sorry for the late reply. I was feeling lazy, plus I was out of town.

Reading this post makes me realize how similar we are. I HATE change, I, too, get ideas at the worst moments. For example, the months between January to March were spent immersed in studies. The entire three months, I couldn’t wait to restart my blog and work on my book because I was getting such insanely good ideas. That is why I have a little notepad and pen which I carry around everywhere with me. The notepad also contains my daily schedule (see similarities). It makes me feel more organized and I don’t forget things. I HATE forgetting things.

I also have a box of memoirs; I call it my memory box. I would love to compare it one day with yours. Maybe we could do a simultaneous post and tag all our mutual friends. Gah, I feel too lazy right now to work up any enthusiasm for it.

I saw the reply you made directly to the comment. Which was not very informative. I would really like it if you would share the story yourself (probably because I am confused now as to where to dig) but if you want to wait, that’s fine with me too. Write soon, and I promise I’ll reply asap. 🙂

I suppose I could write a post about it completely, being completely open and everything, since I was kind of closed off as far as discussing my depression and the process of everything went/was going. However, it would be really long, and although it would probably help some people going through a similar thing, I’m almost certain that it would just absolutely bore them to bits. 🙁

…Oh, but I am going to be writing about it in my novel, and if you would like to read it as I write it to possibly help me along the way or something, then I can let you read it as I go along. I decided to finally write it because maybe then I’d be able to get my point across to peoples all over the world about aspie life and depression. No pressure, though.