Tomorrow I’ll be 20.

This is my last blog post as a nineteen-year old.

Maybe now I will be taken more seriously.

I hope so.

As I was organizing my categories (and a few of my tags), I read through a few entries that were in a minority category[1. Categories containing one or two entries.]. If I had the chance to post any of those again, I cannot that I would do so.

I have changed, matured and enhanced my writing skills. My blog has grown and my comment count has increased.

Though it does not seem like I have done much in the past few months, I have actually done a lot more than surf the Internet and work on my website. People on the outside of the blogging network don’t understand that there is a lot more to blogging because they have not experienced it. Two months is not enough time to learn everything that can be learned from blogging because, within those two months, that person is merely getting started. I have been blogging since 2004[2. Mostly on,, etc.]. I wish I did not decide to start over on 6birds’ entries and such, because I miss those entries. I don’t remember anything I ever wrote. I should have kept a backup of those files. And maybe I did. I’ll have to search through my old Gmail account.

I have not posted a meme in a while. Remember when I did that quite frequently?

A few entries I read:

A few entries relate to what I will be doing later on today…

Remembering the good and the not-so-grand times are fun. :]

I’m glad I have a blog to help me remember my life. :love:

An automatic post is scheduled for tomorrow. ^^

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Ooh, I’ll be sure to leave a comment tomorrow wishing you a happy birthday! Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday too, but I’m not to fond of her so blah.

I’ve been blogging for maybe a year or a little more, but this new subdomain I just got setup when my host switched servers, so all my old posts are gone. It’s kind of sad to not be able to read posts from back in the day. D:

Congrats on being 20! 🙂 It doesn’t sound like much of an age leap, but I’m sure it is for someone who’s turning 20. I hope you have a really great birthday!

I’ve found that my own writing has matured from when I started blogging a few years ago. I used too many exclamation points, bold/italic words, and not enough paragraphs. xD I’m sure most blogger realize after a few years of blogging that their writing has matured considerably. 🙂

My mom usually gets the box set of like 50 cards of 10 different designs. We have cards for a LONG time because of that. And the box sets are usually only a few dollars. But then there are postage stamps, and that that jazz. x.x