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Every now and then people tell me I’m great at blogging because I never really apologize excessively for “failing” my schedule, always write something “great”, should blog more often because I am an “awesome writer”, etc. That’s nice to read and all, but I don’t think that. I do appreciate it, though, and compliments do encourage me. My self-esteem is super low. :/

Anyway, then I’m asked for tips on blog topics. Or just blog topic ideas. ._. Because I have blog topic ideas on hand. Nope. But fine, I’ll share my strategy. ~

  • Sometimes life just sucks. And I blog about it. No matter how crappy it may be, I sometimes I just open a new post up and start typing until all of my anger is let out.
  • Georgie suggested once to go for a walk or something – to be productive – and blog about it.  Walking around in the country is different from walking in the city. I could blog about that, and that would be a blog post. 😉
  • Lists attract traffic. I don’t know why, but everyone seems to love lists for some reason. This, of course, works in my favor because I love lists, and making lists are often easier to express my thoughts from time to time.
  • Anger yourself. Before my mental health issues were terrible, I was able to anger myself about something and write about it. I wrote some of my best blogs/prose/poems/lyrics/etc. when I was angry. Now, all it does to me is make my chest hurt and make me feel the same way I felt when I was on birth control. Thus, I try my best to stay calm.[1. This is why I haven’t said a lot regarding the recent violence in the news. Don’t bring it up. These chest pains literally make me feel like I’m having a heart attack or something.]
  • Talk about what you love. Pretend you’re writing something for a million of you. There is you, the author of the blog, and a million of you reading the blog post. Write something you can say to yourself. If you’re passionate about it, make sure each and every one of you in that million can see who/what/when/where/why/how you’re passionate about [it]. Use detail. 🙂
  • Make a list of blog titles. Throughout the day (or even when I’m attempting sleep!), I think of something that could possibly make a great blog title. If I hear someone say something funny, interesting/etc., I make sure I’ll remember it later by either writing it down or emailing it to me via text message. Even if nothing is said, you can always use a random event from that day as your title.

Of course, that’s just 6 topics (because 6birds!), but [maybe] it helps you for now? I’ll come up with an actual list later. 🙂

Also, whatever you blog about, make sure you read over it. If you’re annoyed, don’t publish it. If you’re annoyed now, imagine how annoyed you’ll be when someone comments on a detail that’s not the most important one/meant to be missed/etc. – for the third time!

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You are indeed not the best writer in the world, but in the blogging world, I see a LOT of people who don’t try to make complete sentences and overuse the word “like” in their writing and forget to capitalize words. And in the personal blogging world that we live in, I think that consistently forming a coherent sentence is generally “acceptable”, and forming a coherent post is “good writing”. So yes, you do “write well”.

I also like lists. They are straight up and to the point and make a post easy to read. Blog posts should be more like newspaper articles than articles and newspaper articles certainly make use of lists.

I have never thought of taking a walk and then describing it! That’s a great idea, and I might just try that sometime!