I felt like crying. My body hurt so much. I never knew it could hurt so badly. But it did.

Carrie’s mattress is a rock. I guess that, if you like things hard like that, then her mattress would be a great mattress for you. I slept over at my mom’s last night. Mimi is not home on the weekends anymore because she with Tommy. Because of the weather and the roads on Friday night, she stayed home instead of driving to Canton to his house. We received at least a foot of snow.

I love how the snow looks after it has fallen – beautiful and flawless. I will put some pictures on my flickr sometime before the end of the week. ^^

Yesterday it was not too cold. I walked around outside in my boots, short shorts, a T-shirt and a hoodie. I love weather like that.

I was so bored Friday. I wish my laptop worked. πŸ™ If it did, then I would have been able to play SIMs. I miss playing SIMs. Ugh. All because of the battery. -.-

On the bright side, I completely planned out a TCG. :O See, I had one completely ready to publish and everything, and then I had battery problems on my laptop, so I just gave up on that one. This is a foods/restaraunt TCG, and I have the currency, rules, information/guide, games, etc. planned out as far as I can on paper. πŸ˜›

I’m currently visiting all of my neighbors on FrontierVille. I need to raise my reputation number.

I gave @lifeisquoted to a friend, but I will still be on it from time to time. It was really fun at first, but then I just … got tired of posting quotes and such. He made a Xanga blog for it (xquotebuffet). πŸ™‚

Now to find new emoticons to use…

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My parents got me a new mattress a few months ago. I love it. Perhaps you could use a whole heap of blankets to ease the pain, maybe the floor is even better to lie down on. Hard mattresses suck. Jump on it a bit maybe, soften it up. XD

That’s lovely that you have good weather there. πŸ™‚ I was able to stand outside in the wind last week because the weather was nice. It wasn’t too hot and there was a light bit of rain. It was a nice change from the extremely hot weather we had.

I was thinking of joining a TCG but I’ve already got heaps to do online and I think it would just take up more of my time. Good luck making yours though!

I guess it should have been obvious to that guy that I was working there but he seemed ignorant. I tried to be sarcastic but that didn’t go all that well.

People usually think I’m younger than I actually am; they definitely did think I was 13 when I was 17. 😐 I think I’ll be happy about it when I’m older and people think I’m much younger. πŸ˜›

Thank you! <3

I guess the tutors want us to come in to uni and want us to sign a cover sheet and other stuff, and they don't want to print it off themselves. xP

I agree. πŸ™ If some random called me a bitch, it doesn't hurt as much as when someone like my mum says it. It's hard to forget and ignore as well. :/

thank you so much for your blog comment ^^ I really like your domain name by the way, birds are awesome! ;3

I used to play sims all the time a few years ago and I’d install it to my laptop again if I could but one of the CD’s are broken! But hopefully you get your laptop battery fixed. c:

I haven’t tried any of the frontier ville games etc. on facebook because I’m too scared to get addicted to them, but they do sound like a lot of fun! πŸ˜€

Hope you don’t mind me passing by. πŸ™‚
I had to sleep on the floor for more than a week recently and on the first night I also felt like crying. I can’t stand not being able to sleep in soft beds!

What is a TCG? That whole paragraph was completely over my head, haha. I’m sorry about the pain you are in from sleeping. Beds can honestly cause you so much pain. My Mom slept on a mattress at a beach house we rented for a week and had to go to the chiropractor afterwards because she was in so much pain. Feel better! <3

Wait… Xanga is still alive?

I’ve never played a TCG before. Have fun while you’re at it! Hope that your back stops hurting soon!

I have a orthopaedic mattress and as they are designed for people with bad backs, they are quite hard for support. I like it! My boyfriend has a super soft mattress and I cannot sleep at his place. I lie down and sink into the mattress, then when I want to roll over in my sleep, I end up waking myself up to lift my body out of the groove in order roll over.

I don`t even know how some people can live with hard beds. My parents have hard beds, and I picked out a super super soft bed for me :O!

Snow seems scary :P! Only if theres too much of em! But it looks like theres moderate snow where you`re at :P!

Replacing the battery isn`t much of a big deal for a laptop :)! For for it!

:O! Good luck with your TCG :)! I would join when its up if possible :P!

Good luck with Frontierville :D!

You would be considered as 5 since the 2 above of you are inactive :/.

I gotta write an essay to be accepted πŸ˜› But I have to write a good one since its a … Compatition D: