Unwritten farm moments

In watching many TLC reality television series with my mother when times were good between us, we eventually came to have this inside joke together that went something along the lines of one of us saying, “So, in our reality series, ___ wouldn’t make it to TV, but ___ definitely would.” We came up with hypothetical scenes β€” from riding in the gator and one of my prissy city friends (or a particular cousin) coming to visit and catching a fly in her mouth, to moving furniture from my mom’s house to Mimi’s house/the big truck storage trailer with her tractor.

Obviously, vlogging failed after numerous tries for me, and a reality series starring my extremely dysfunctional family never happened, so these are the lessons I learned, yet never learned, thanks to living on a farm… where I miss living, if only because of the seclusion, nature, freedom, and pretty scenery.

Todd as a kitten, as an adult

On many, many occasions, he fell off my bed. Have you ever read the studies regarding cats acting more like their owners? I haven’t, but since I’ve always found cats interesting, I’ve studied them and found this to be true for every cat I’ve ever met/known.

If you’ve ever seen me in person, you’ve likely seen me trip over flat surfaces, run straight into walls, and fall upstairs, downstairs, and off the most random of things (even the counters).

During the times I have visited him, I’ve noticed the habit/behavior has stuck, as it continues with me.

Furthermore, it is still he who owns me, as he still knows how to make me follow him, give him what he wants, and continue to spoil him like there’s no tomorrow.

Another thing he and I share: Asperger’s.

Miniature donkeys: 100; Humans: 0

You can put them in a lot with barbed wire fences, wooden fences, grid fences, electric fences, metal fences β€” anything β€” and they will always find a way. It’s like they’ve always got a will, and you know what they say about those: When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Maybe the problem is that we always had to reel them back in/over to us with feed, which they probably wound up seeing as some sort of treat; whatever the case, they were always a pain, they always got out, and we always had to spend countless hours at all the odd hours of the night trying to get them back inside. The only good they ever did was keep the coyotes away.

Similarly to what Galleria tells Derek in The Cheetah Girls, “Just know that you can audition five times, but you’re still gonna lose.”

The roosters will ALWAYS chase you

…for no reason at all.

You could be walking to the barn, or you could be walking to your vehicle β€” wherever you are in reachable distance, he WILL find you; he plotted to murder you quicker than that cat you’ve had for two years.

So take a brick out with you just in case.

(I kid. But I would take sticks and throw them at him when he started to chase me. When Todd was around me, the rooster wouldn’t bother me. πŸ˜‰ Roosters are mean as hell.)

Anyways, that is all. c:

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Comments on this post

I have met a few dogs who were like their owners, so I imagine that cats are as well!

Aaaah, I love this post, these kind of moments and quirks are amazing. Animals are amazing. The rooster part I totally get. As a child, my family used to have quite the killer rooster. πŸ˜› Lovely hens, killer rooster. One day it disappeared and my parents told me they had taken it to “the petting zoo” and I BELIEVED them.

I’m still waiting for my own reality tv show to happen, too. Maybe one day.
I went to visit a farm with my best friend not too long ago, and I have to agree with roosters being mean. I ended up running up some stairs, across a ramp and tripping over my own feet to get away from one there. I tend to get a bit skittish around anything like that anway, but this one was not nice!

Yeah, cats do pick up your traits. Or, at least many of mine have. Ones that spend more time with me tend to have similar things in common, while others that are with mum have more shared traits with her. Although when they are naughty, we blame each other, haha.

I haven’t heard about those studies on cats, but I think that’s cute if they do act like their owners! I also think it’s adorable that Todd knows how to get you to spoil him. It’s hard to say no to cute animals πŸ™‚

I didn’t realize miniature donkeys were such escape artists! I wonder how they get out of some of those fences, especially the electric and metal ones. I’m glad I haven’t had that experience with roosters. I saw several when I was in Kauai, and fortunately, none of them went after me. If they did, I think it’d be really scary!

I liked reading these stories from the farm!

HOMG. Roosters are mean. My grandmother had one, and it attacked me once, and since then I never liked them! Todd sounds like an adorable kitty. Cats really are great, but I’ve got a severely bad allergy to them πŸ™ That saddens me because I know I’d have got a cat now if it weren’t for that!